Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Adore Yarn

Call me kind of quirky, but I'll confess
to the whole wide world....I love yarn!!
I was in Joann's Fabric store this past
week, and  found myself surrounded
by lovely, gorgeous and luxurious yarns.
No longer our grandmother's plain yarn,
 today's yarns come in every color and texture
Cotton, fleece, afghan, pom pom novelty yarn,
....I love cotton yarn, natural organic yarn,
sweet baby yarns, mohair and
I'm terribly fond of  alpaca yarn.
Ah, such  lovely yarns.
I fought hard  the impulse 
 to toss several skeins into my shopping
cart.   They were all so lovely.
Why not add more  to my
collection?  Call me old fashioned and you would
be correct.  There's something  pleasing
 about  yarn stitches
accumulating in a woman's lap.
 Perhaps this stitchery yearning is genetic,
passed down from generation to generation.
Hmmm........Dee Dee