Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring On The Island

Thistle plants
 in abundance,
a sign that spring
has come
to the island.

Young Thistle plant reaching
for the warm sun....

Beautiful full grown Thistle plant.....
one of many seen on the pathway
to the beach.....

Tiny white wildflowers were a 
familiar sight. They bloom all
year long on the island.

Pathway down to the waters
of the Gulf Of Mexico.
Welcome Spring!

Blessings to all....Dee Dee
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wild Magnolia

Crestlake park is a beautiful place to visit
anytime of the day.  Overlooking Tampa Bay,
one can see an abundance of wildlife.
Careful to stay your distance from the shores,
signs are posted to watch for aligators.
I never tire of taking photos and on this
clear day I had plenty of favorites. Love
the moss hanging from the cypress tree.
A wooden pathway allows one to be up close
and personal with nature and a bit safer place
to this "Fan Palm" photo with the
sun shining through the fronds.

And how sweet is this....wild Magnolia seed pods
in an ultra natural environment.....note the insects
have feasted on the leaves.

A better image of the Magnolia tree growing midst
the cat tails and willows.  Never surprises me to see
great white egret fishing in this same area.