Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Norman's Pastel Pencils

Made in France Pastel Pencils~Conte' a' Paris
They belonged to Norman, my friend Priscilla's
late husband.  He was an artist, not a famous
artist, just a man that used various mediums
to create beautiful images on canvas.  His art
is displayed throughout my friend's  home, serving
as reminder of the love of her life. Admirers of
his paintings,  are pleased to find many have a story.
Hearing them, speaks loudly of the
faith, the character and gentleness of the artist.
I felt honored when Priscilla gave me Norman's
pastel pencils.  I've placed them on my desk,
along side my water color pencils and brushes.
Maybe one day I'll feel confident enough to
use them.  Until then,  I'll keep them
within sight, as reminder of Norman, a
sweet man that made real pretty pictures.
Have a blessed day......Dee Dee

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shall We Peek Inside?

   Four little ones live here, and after cups
of hot chocolate with marshmellows,
they will, along with mother and father,
decorate the tree with cherished and
collected special ornaments.
Stockings dangle from a mantel where
there will be no fire in the fireplace. 
There instead, a
flat screen television is tuned into a Hallmark
Christmas movie.
The cottage is warm and toasty, outside
snow is falling.
The holly's up,
the house
is all bright,
The tree
is ready,
the candles
Rejoice and
be glad,
all children
~From an old Carol

Slowly but surely that
Christmas spirit is packing it's
way into my heart....Dee Dee

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Hustle and Bustle

This great old Rockwell painting
is the image I'm getting, hearing
nightmare stories
of  crowds packing the stores,
standing in
 "wrap around the building lines"
in effort to find Christmas bargains.
I stopped into Ace Hardware
this past Saturday, my half-off
coupon clasped firmly in hand.....
on a mission to find outdoor lighting.
There I was confronted
with long lines and one
clearly spoiled screaming child.
The father, trying to amuse the
little boy, seemed on the verge
of a nervous breakdown.
Many of us in the store,
 were beginning to have
the same feelings.  Eventually
they left the store, and a soft
breeze swirled  throughout the store,
caused by a 
 simultaneous reaction of shoppers,
all together breathing
sighs of relief.
I suppose this scene
has become part of our
annual Christmas traditions,
the hustle and bustle.....
and many of us wouldn't have it any
other way.  For the most part
folks are in a festive mood.
We ring
the bells
on Christmas Day
Oh, why?
Oh, why?
To echo what
the angels say
On high!
On high~
~Elsie Williams Chandler

Have a blessed day......Dee Dee

Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Interesting Story

Looks like a nice place to worship....
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Chatham County
North Carolina.  I found the photo
searching on google for old country
churches in North Carolina.
Can't go wrong with a search like
that, and as luck would have it, I
found a Baptist church.
To know me, is to know I love old
churches.  My fondness for them goes
way back to early childhood. 
 Most of my kinfolks(southern expression) attended
churches that look much like the one seen here.
During revivals, homecomings and
other special church  occasions,
I had the pleasure of visiting these
sweet ole'  country churches.
In those days, we moved
quite a few times. Most places we lived
   had a church across the street,
right next door or at lease
 within walking distance. 
 All these thoughts
about churches, has reminded  me of an interesting story.
While living in North Carolina, the church we
attended was located directly across the street
from our home.
 One night my eight year old
sister, either had a dream or perhaps
an actual vision.
 A bright light shining through 
her bedroom window had awakened her. 
 It is then she claims to have seen
 the face of Jesus
in a cloud above the church.
The incident made quite an
impression on her and none of the
family has forgotten that night,
or her story.
 When  together as family, we ask her
to tell again what happened that night.
So many years later, she willingly tells her story 
with the same enthusiasm, as the night it happened.

I do, have a fondness for old churches,
God's house, places of worship.
My home today, is within
 listening distance of
St Michael's Catholic Church.
I love to hear the church bells....
they ring such  beautiful and melodious tunes daily.
Have a sweet blessed Sunday everyone.....Dee Dee

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Saturday Plans

 I suppose I've
kept my Saturday pattern the same for most
of my life.  Arise early, get the chores done and
then have fun with whatever it is you like to do.
My like-to-dos are most likely a lot different
from yours, and that is what makes us all unique.

My first order of the day is laundry, and
today is a gloriously beautiful day.....light cool breeze
that will have the laundry  dry in no time at all.

A bit of sewing is next....I have to get
these finished...can't get behind with
gifts to be mailed.
A few more Christmas pillows to make,
hoping to get them in the mail early next week,
so sweet family  can enjoy them all during
the Christmas season.
Off to Barnes & Noble in search
of this book......a favorite of mine
and Christmas gift for young
grandchildren who just happen
to live in snow country....this will  also be mailed.
I hope to do some fabric cutting.  Have you
seen this little book at Joann's Fabric Store?
I love all the simple easy to make items.  It is
from this book that I found favor with contemporary
fabrics.  Our youth pastor and his wife are
expecting another little boy blessing soon and
the baby shower is December 3rd. 
 I am making burp cloths and changing
table pads from the fabrics shown here....the
terry cloth on one side makes them more versitile.
Oh there's lots more things that will take place today,
with the Mister and I  rather spontaneous in
what we do in our leisure time .

After dinner, when the cottage is quiet.....
I'll save the best for last.
My Bible study this week is from the book of Hebrews.
I'll study for a couple of hours,
 .....from a portion of last evening's read...
Hebrews 3:7, 8 and 4:7
We must believe in Jesus now and not delay.
Otherwise we will fail to enter God's eternal rest. 
We will reject the perfect purpose God has for
His people, in relationship with Himself through His Son. 
Blessings  for you all ......Dee Dee

Friday, November 25, 2011

Market Finds

Unusual lighting....burlap wrapped cord
Primitive wooden house....
An old locker basket makes a
perfect home for an antique
wooden bunny pull toy. This
display  in the children's play room.
Mt Dora Florida's annual
flea market is a "happening place"
attracting vendors from all over the
United States.  They bring 
the rare and  unusual things to sell.
Thousands come to purchase them.
"Wait to you see the treasures
I found at the market Mom." 
 I love how she
decorates using old things and
giving them new life.....
The tiny hand-painted old world
angels on my Header today were
found at the market as
favorite of all her found treasures.....
so thankful
I brought the camera so I could share.
Enjoying these sweet moments......Dee Dee

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks To Whom?

             ....Norman Rockwell
Last evening as we listened to the
 message from our Pastor, at our church
Thanksgiving dinner.....
I heard him say  something that I've pondered
for a while today.
The non-believers in Almighty God, 
to whom do they give thanks?
All over this great nation,
families come  together in a
celebration of thanksgiving.
In 1789 George Washington declared
a proclaimation of devotion to God, author
of all the good that was, that is or that will be.
Happy Thanksgiving
dear family and friends....Dee Dee and the Mister

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Holiday Apron

I'm wearing my "holiday apron" today.......
 a well thought out purchase, I might add.
Beginning around Thanksgiving, I
find  myself in the kitchen, a lot.
Our annual church Thanksgiving meal,
held this evening, 
has me busy preparing 
granny smith apples and other
good foods to share.
The apples look and taste so good......
and, have the cottage smelling delicious. 
While wearing this festive apron,
protection over my clothes,
I've thought that perhaps the
ritual has become more of a
continuity of tradition than anything.
I still have cherished and  sweet
memories of
my grandmother's voice...
"Let's put an apron on you Dee Dee,
don't want to mess up your
pretty dress."
This way of preparing  apples, a wonderful
compliment to pork or ham....choice meats
for our Church Thanksgiving meal tonight.
While leaving most of the peelings on,
I'll fry the apples with butter, cinnamon, raisens
white and brown sugar.
They are mighty good.....I'm
thinking just maybe even a little better
than usual, considering I'm 
wearing my "Holiday Apron"......
Are you having a thankful week? I am.....
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We picked them up 
while walking  in Weaver's Park.
I could use them for fall decor,
 then later in a Christmas garland.
They were prickly as we
carried them in our arms and
I remember that late summer day,
oh so vividly, again.
                                         ~Dee Dee
Have a blessed week....everyone!

Monday, November 21, 2011


For weeks now, I've  been thinking of
angels.....and why not? 
Didn't the angels foretell the birth of Christ?
Therefore..... they've
 always been there in the midst of
 our celebrating
 Some of the most
beautiful  paintings of angels come from
Byzantine art......and Russian orthodox icons.
I read something interesting today.....
It seems that  
in earlier religious Byzantine art,
angels had no wings.  In order to distinguish
them  from other religious figures they 
were at some point given wings. 
This could  be true, for in the old testament
Bible stories, angels were described
looking like men,
having no mention of wings.

Our choir is
rehearsing for our Christmas
cantata and much of our
music makes mention of angels.
In my weekly Bible study,
we are reading  in the books of Acts
and Hebrews.
Both make mention of angels.....
"Worship Him, all you angels."
Psalm l04:4 verse 7
Not only will the angels worship Him
they will and do serve Him. Jesus is
superior to these created beings.
As you can see, I have good reason
to have angels on my mind.
One other fact and my favorite
about angels....God sends them
to believers for any number of reasons.....
one of those blessings I often mention.
Have a wonderful week.....Dee Dee

Sunday, November 20, 2011


A Wellspring of Hope
When we suffer, hope still
springs up in us. As Christians
we are especially able to continue
anticipating the best, even when
life tries to make us doubt it.
Why? Because our hope is firmly
set in the God of all grace,
who has already showered us with
~Whispers of Blessings
In His care.....Dee Dee

Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Impulse Shopping"

 I was on a direct
 mission, when entering the store. 
 I needed  a red jacket
to wear with a fancy black Christmas skirt. luck here either,
so, why waste the trip, right?
I had promised  myself  to wait until  afterThanksgiving
to look  at Christmas decorations......but the
temptation in this place  was overwhelming. The store
was chocked full of Christmas delights.
Self ignored that request when I found
 these pretty Christmas dishes.
"Could I use them for holiday desert and coffee?....Yes!"
 I immediately thought of at least two or
three occasions during the holidays when I could use them. 
 I loved the red cardinals and poinsettias, and
they would look real nice on my green tablecloth
 or better yet, on the white one.
Quick as a flash, into the shopping cart they went!
Later at home, I told the  Mister of my plans and
how I "needed" the Christmas dishes.
I saw that look on his face,
and  began to have that 
little twinge of guilt.
 I had been guilty of
 " impulse shopping" alright.
My purchase had been unplanned, hasty
and perhaps a little thoughtless.  I should
have taken a few deep breaths, walked away
for a few moments and  reconsidered.
Guilty as charged, I suppose,
but they're so dog-gone pretty,
 I'm keeping them!!!!
Have a blessed weekend....Dee Dee

Friday, November 18, 2011

This morning's

view from my cottage window.......

Last summer we planted two small Hibiscus plants,
one with single red blooms and the other
a beautiful peach colored double Hibiscus.
Beneath large palm trees they are
still blooming, and blooming and blooming.........
In this photo, you can see all the buds.....the nature
of the Hibiscus plant.....these gorgeous blooms
last but one day, wither and drop off.  I've posted
on these pretty things off and on all summer long.
Now, days before Thanksgiving, they are
still making quite an impression in the garden.
God's bountiful gifts are ours without end. Whatever
we ask for falls short of God's giving.......~Rice
In His care......Dee Dee

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Deja Vu

Playing around with Photoshop.....interesting
what I come up with.  I'm thinking a
poster for a tiny ballerina's room.
This is teacher and student.......

Same teacher....I remember when
her mother was this age, and pretty
much the same size....tiny and slender
perfect for the ballet.  Her first recital
she danced to Somewhere in Time
.....I cried.  Yes, a bit of deja vu.
Enjoy your day sweet family
and friends.....Dee Dee

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Few Things Accomplished

Busy busy day
.....spent a little time with
this young turkey drawing for my Thanksgiving cards.....

I went from one project to another....
found time for sewing making
 a little progress  in
my gift making. 
I have a special request for a
nice warm  black
scarf, and I've selected a
pretty soft yarn.

  She's going to like it.
It's coming along  and I got a good start today.

I finished up my first batch of
children's Christmas tree ornaments.
They are so adorable and I'm quite
........they  were fun to make.
I watched Martha Stewart  as I stuffed
and sewed.....
I learned how to properly
cut the turkey, arrange on the platter and garnish
with grapes,  pomegranates and orange slices.
Been a really nice day and I
actually got a few things accomplished.
Blessings for the week.....Dee Dee

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Planning Stages

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.....

Sweet...the children could
help with these little pine cone turkey
place card holders.
We're all doing it, I suppose.  Into the
planning stages of our Thanksgiving dinner.
I've been poking around on the Internet
looking at table decorating ideas.

Martha has some great ideas.....
formal dining and not so formal.

I'm partial to not so formal and
 this centerpiece.... I could
easily pull this off.  
Love the floral types and colors
placed in a bright orange pumpkin.
Now lets see,
I could use the green water goblets....
Hmmm.....maybe another trip
to the fabric store.....
tablecloth, maybe
small turkey patterned cotton fabric?
My creative juices are churning
with good ideas.
 Thanks Ms Stewart,
your the best!
Don't you just love our
American traditions?  I sure do.
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Reader or Not, That Is The Question

Seen, in  section of
my ever-growing
collection of found
rare books , new books
and old favorites.
These are
purposely placed between
interesting book-ends
to draw the curious eye.
 My intentions
completely, considering the
young readers in my life.
Likable books from my past
are there....
Uncle Wiggily the long eared
rabbit that walks with a cane
still makes my heart happy
recalling his stories.
I go to the Hiding Place
Corrie Ten Boom's
story at least once a year.
If you haven't read this,
please do so.  It will bless you
in a mighty way.
Northanger Abbey
by Jane Austen, truly a
found treasure. My bookshelves
have many beloved Austen books.
Feeling a little melancholy here,
having made a decision I've
come to regret.

Looking over my prideful
collection of books, has perhaps
made me reconsider
a Christmas present request....
 a "Reader".....of some sort.
Do I really want one of these?

Am I ready to make such a drastic change?
Yesterday I purchased these.
The John Adams book, oh my.....looks and
feels so good in my hands.  I like
turning the pages and I adore the
smell of a new book. At some point, I'll
appreciate  how it looks on my bookshelf.
Hmmm.....A Reader or not, that is the question.
Have a blessed day....Dee Dee

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Look Closely At Their Faces

Praying this Lord's day for the children.
I read, listen and watch. 
 The Bible is
filled with stories of nations that turned
from God and His laws and rules.....
......stories that tell
 how God allowed 
enemies to destroy
blessed by God.... people.
I look into the faces of the innocent...
the children,
and wonder at their future. 
Are we letting what we've beheld
as sacred..... all slip away
on our watch?
I look closely at their faces and it saddens me.
Praying for the children.....Dee Dee

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I'll have to give that weatherman credit,
he called it right last evening. When we
awakened this morning, the cottage was chilly, 
I mean robe and warm slippers cold.
The Mister and I
welcomed the change like an old
familiar  acquaintance.
I put a fresh pot of coffee on, 
prepared cinnamon raisin toast and fried eggs.
The art of life is to live in the present moment
and to make that moment as perfect as we can.......
Sweet blessings for the day.....Dee Dee

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Sewing

It's that time of year.....Christmas sewing
begins NOW at the cottage.
I love them and wanted to start sewing right away,
when finding  Christmas ornaments in panel form,
at Joann's  Fabric Store.
 I'm thinking a perfect project for our
grand children's home-school
Christmas tree.  They'll look real nice along
side green and red construction paper garland, 
and of course bright  red cranberry garland. 

Love this fabric...nice weight cotton,
perfect for Christmas pillows.
I'll make a couple for the cottage,
 and give others away. This time of
year I get real creative....all my
Christmas gifts boxes will have something
"hand-made by Dee Dee" tucked inside.
It's not the things that can be bought
that are life's richest treasures,
It's just the little gifts from the heart
that money cannot measure....~Rice
Have a blessed day.....Dee Dee

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Church At The Nursing Home

No one could have told me a few years back,
that I would help in providing church service for
several nursing homes.  The whole experience
not only is a blessing to the
folks there, but I truly receive the greatest
blessing of all. They are my sisters and brothers
in Christ.
  My friend Priscilla and I arrive at the home
around l:00 o'clock, time
enough to visit with the residents and remind
them that church will begin at 2:00. 
These visits are special, and allow for
sharing the gospel and sometimes,
just some good ole girl talk.
  We've made some
lasting friendships during these sweet times,
..... some of these precious saints have
gone on to heaven.
Church is awesome.....
Song books are handed out and we sing
several of the old favorite hymns...familiar to
most.  Many can no longer see well enough to
follow in the book, but they know many
of the words....Jesus Loves Me
 is known by all. 
Harry plays saxophone, Debbie plays
keyboard, Priscilla and I sing duets and solos,
Lester, in his eighties...(served in Iran as
a missionary)....preaches from  God's Word.
The painting shown here....
represent some of the sweet ladies that have
a special place in my heart. They are much
loved by me and give the best hugs ever.
Have a blessed day.....Dee Dee

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For Her First Mother's Day

"They are my pride and joy mom.....
can you believe how
beautiful they are?
  Smell........they smell amazing,
don't they?"
It was almost nine years ago, she gave
birth to our first granddaughter. 
Mother's day came
shortly afterwards, and we presented her
 with a gorgeous
peach colored climbing rose. 
With  special care, proper feeding and
nurturing, the rose has  thrived and produced
like "nobody's business."
Love how they're displayed in
that teal colored Ball jar, and it
looks real nice sitting there 
on her kitchen  farm table...... 

"Mother's Day Peach Roses."
Kinda makes my heart feel all happy.....
In His care.......Dee Dee

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Imagine you are here with me,
for a moment or two.  It's almost surreal,
but truly God made
and just as pretty as can be.
Goldenrod is everywhere out on
Honeymoon Island, a closer look
shows the yellow blooms heavilly
 populated by critters.
 The changes in the landscape
this time of year,  are  subtle.
 Most noticeable are the
various grasses blooming,
all  indications of  seasonal change.

Will you stay a while longer and  walk
along the waters edge? You will?
Say, are you feeling all that worldly stress falling away?
I'm real glad.....
If we are children of God, we have a 
tremendous treasure in nature and will
realize that it is holy and sacred. We will see
God reaching out to us in every wind that 
blows, every sunrise and sunset, 
every cloud in the sky, every flower that
blooms and every leaf that fades.~Oswald 
Walking faithfully.....Dee Dee

Monday, November 7, 2011

Enjoying Quiet Time

Of late, I've enjoyed the quiet much
more than ever before. At some point, I realized
I had become so conditioned to noise from radio,
computer and television, that I no longer allowed
my own self-generated thoughts to occupy the space
of my conscience.. My good thoughts
and creative thoughts were being severely depressed.
I had noticed,  that upon awakening in the mornings,
while still lying in bed, that my mind would
wonder about all sorts of good things. In the quiet I 
made plans and came up with all sorts of creative ideas. day began... 
Old habits are hard to break, and mid breakfast time,
would find  the Mister and I complaining
about the world situation,  and other bad news,
as we watched the morning news on television.
The world in turmoil was brought into our
home and the stressful noises occupied our thoughts.
We were being controlled and manipulated by certain networks,
to draw conclusions and think certain ways.....
that were actually contrary to our own.
Our  thoughts, were no longer happy, but worrisome,
until we turned the noise OFF!
These days, we are
 extremely selective in the noise we it worth giving
it "mind space?"
Not only is this new routine  having a soothing effect on me,
but now I am able to hear myself think,
which is a very  a good thing.
I might  even go so far as to say,
life has taken on new meaning, in some respects.
Enjoying quiet thoughtful time.......Dee Dee

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cottage Images

Orange.....the color of November.
Be blessed this Lord's day....Dee Dee

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Woolley Yarn

Busy with my warm fall
colored yarn weather makes me
want to sit, hum to myself  and crochet.
I have a good excuse for now, 
calling them "prayer scarfs."
Few loved ones can wrap these around their
neck and know how much they are loved
by me, and.....that I'm praying for them.
Just look at the sunbeams landing on my
woolley yarn ....streaming through an
eastern window,
 promising a beautiful day.
Guard well your spare moments. Discard
them and their value will never be known....
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
It's true, you know......Dee Dee

Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Walking Along Side

I visited the Family Christian Bookstore yesterday. 
We all have them, family and
friends in the valleys of severe  illness,
 coping with devastating sadness.
Sometimes they are so overcome with grief
they can barely cope.
Such is the case for one very special person in my life.
She is a dear sister in Christ.
  I heard her say the words
"I no longer know what to say to God."
She is completely overcome with
grief, worry and sadness.
It is now she needs me to walk along side her, lifting
her up in prayer daily, and I will. 
 Her daughter, a beautiful young woman,
mother of three, teacher and wife has
been given one month to live, unless
God intervenes with the use of modern medicine.
Odd that I'm thinking now of Paul,
and how he kept close to the first
churches and early Christians as
encourager. They needed him, they 
needed his assurance. 
So, with that in mind,
I'm keeping close to my friend,
searching the Scriptures for words of
encouragement straight from God.
I can tell her...
God answers prayer..."Do not be anxious about
anything but in everything by prayer, present
your request to God."  Phillippians 4:6
"Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you."
~Hebrews l3:5
Do not fear for I AM with you. Do not
be dismayed for I AM your God.
I will STRENGTHEN you and HELP you: I will
uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 4l:l0
What a gift that He cares about everything that
happens to us, every step of the way, and
know that He is in control of every situation.
Blessings my dearest friend.....
and to other readers that need these words.......Dee Dee