Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watermelon, A Summer Treat

The truck loaded with watermelons,
stopped in front of our home, and
the old gentleman
 asked my father if he wanted
to buy one of his melons.
"Are they sweet?"
"Yes Suh." 
"How much?"
" 25 cents a piece."
"Then, I'll take two of them."
It was
 l950 something,
 hot summertime,
in the deep south.
Life was much
simplier....the living was easy.
 I remember then,
watermelon was a  special treat,
for my family
and usually eaten on picnics.

I'm lovin' this time of year when
cantalopes and watermelons
 frequent our table.
Have a beautiful day everyone.....Dee Dee

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Girl Clothes

There's nothing I like more, than
shopping for a new
baby granddaughter. 
This sweet precious girl, will
join her two brothers,
in August.
She'll be born in cold-country, so,
I've made my selections for
 warmer clothing,
on today's shopping outing.
 I brought home a bag full of 
 new-born and size 3-6 mos.
"girly things."
Each item is
precious, but I am especially fond
of these two  adorable corduroy jumpers.
I can so appreciate all
the detail put into these sweet  clothes. 

Made from
baby soft corduroy,
I've matched them with
a soft white cotton

I suppose it's the grandmother in
me, but these days I appreciate
how these tiny clothes are made. I sew a
little myself, and sometimes
get new ideas.

This little jumper has
a lining. I'm adding a cotton lace trim
giving  the appearance of a long slip.
Got my creative juices in
active mode, these days.
I'll complete the
outfits, with red and white
tights, and a sweet white
crocheted cap.

"Tiny little dresses
patterned white
 and red
for this precious
baby girl."

Blessings......Dee Dee

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Little Retail Therapy

Our Memorial Day was spent the
same as  most Americans.....
with family.  Our pool was a flurry
of activity for a while and late
evening we had a barbecue dinner.
The Mister and I prayed for our
young soldiers in harm's way and
thanked God for those willing to serve.
The papers were filled with
advertisements meant to entice
us all to spend the day shopping,
looking for the bargains promised.

Somehow, it just didn't seem appropriate
on the day we celebrate our Heroes.
So, today, I'm up bright and early,
appropriately timed, to do some
serious "retail therapy."
Baby shops, are first order of the day.
Later,  I'll go alone to
Macy's, and  at my leisure,
look for summer fun wear.
The photos here, taken in small
shopping village in Tennessee. I'm
remembering comment from the
gentlemen in our party....
"This is a place for ladies......"
and so it was, indeed.
Have a beautiful day, everyone! Dee Dee

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

On the grave the rain shall fall
from the eyes of a mighty nation.

Remembering our fallen heroes, those
who gave it all. Praying for their families.
those who came home with 
severe wounds, praying for them and
their families.
Praying for those in harms way just now,
on the battlefields of Afghanistan.....
"Lord, please  keep them safe and bring them home soon."
.....Dee Dee

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Young Blue Jay

There's been a lot of bird activity
in our garden lately.  We've
watched a pair of Mockingbirds
parenting for a while. Now the
chicks have flown the coop.
I sat quietly at the bistro table,
partially hidden beneath a large
umbrella. I could see the
 young Blue Jay high up  in the grapefruit tree.

Cautiously he flew from the tree,
and perched on the fence.
Quickly I took the shot with
my camera, allowing a
lovely view of his backside.

"You are wonderfully and beautifully made
little bird".....I thought to myself.

He began boldly singing and
 right on key, or so it seemed to me.

"Strike a pose, young  Blue Jay"
and I will show you to the world.

I will place your images in a
collage so that I can see you
from every angle. You will
look like many birds, but you
will always remain complete
as one.
Have a beautiful Lord's day, everyone!  Dee Dee
 click on photos to enlarge

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mountain Wildflowers

"Country road, take me home......"
I grew up in the mountains of
North Carolina, and my Smokey Mountain
memories came flooding back as I walked
the road in front of our Tennessee cabin.
The beauty of it all was a little
over-whelming and thankfully,
 I had all the time
in the world to enjoy it.
The Mister and I were on a vacation
like no other before.....
On this day, I looked down at
the ground, and
found all sorts of beautiful plants. 

 An old tree stump
caught my attention and I could
still see beauty here,  even in death.

I saw a small tree sapling,
new and fresh to the world.
I likened it to a small child,
imagining the older  trees
sharing stories of folklore and
their  mountain world.

"Bachelor Buttons".....
 were everywhere,
or so it seemed.
They were  tiny tiny, and so lovely.

Sweet Clover,  growing
sporadically along the road
brought memories of my
childhood summer play in our
mountain valley.
In grasses covered
with clover, on hands and
knees we searched for the
four-leafed clovers.

How lovely this mountain
paradise,  sprinkled with beauty.....
a perpetual experience of

"He restoreth my soul with His
creation giving me feelings of
"Walk on walk on with hope in
your heart......."
Remembering all the beauty of
the mountains makes me want to
sing His praises. Just can't help
Glad you stopped by......Dee Dee
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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Rose Garden

"I beg your pardon....
I never promised you a Rose garden....."
~Lynn Anderson

Our walk in Gatlinburg Tennessee,
was for exploring, seeing all the sights
and just plain ole having fun.
  The mountain air was fresh
and crisp and we felt our world
was perfect!
We were named "tourist" for a while
and we behaved a certain way. 
We stopped and posed in front of
attractions that were ridiculous
and made us laugh.
 We listened to young musical groups singing
country music.....clapped our hands and
moved our feet.
And.....we peeked through a wrought-iron
fence into a beautiful Rose garden.

"Along with the sunshine, there's
got to be a little rain sometime.....
I beg your pardon, I never promised
you a Rose garden...."

You have a real nice day, now!  Dee Dee
Click on photos to enlarge....they look amazing

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Hometown's Transformation

The nice thing about a road trip
is that you can change your route
and go in any direction desired.
Such was the case when we were
driving through South Carolina
and turned in the direction of
our first hometown as man and wife.
This year, marking a very important
wedding anniversary, we
came back to the  Mister's place of birth and
where we began our lives together.
Barnwell South Carolina is, and
always will be dear and special to us. Our
first two children were born while living 
in this small southern town.
Those early precious memories
are still fresh in our minds.
Barnwell's downtown area is
 a circle.
While driving round,
 we could not believe our eyes.
Every building had been
completely restored to like new.
How and who had done this?

Our old bank was  now,
transformed and had a whole
new appearance as
Barnwell's City Hall.
The landscaping throughout
the city was new and beautiful.
 Barnwell has a brand new library....the old one
is now a historical museum.
According to the 2000 census there
were 5,035 people residing in this
little town. I did a little research and
found the whole community has been
completely transformed.  Seems
the folks in charge now,  have put
a whole lot of love.... and money into
 "our town."
The Mister and I felt as though we
had been given a very special
anniversary gift, and we're so happy
for the people that have lived
there all these years.  I'm thinking
what has happened is a miracle, and a true
blessing from God.
These were the last of our vacation
photos and some of our favorite.
Click on them to enlarge,  and be
amazed at the charm of this very
small southern town.

Have a sweet ole day......Dee Dee

Favorite Mode Of Transportation

Put a city girl on a train
and watch a big ole
smile appear on her face.
Dollywood's train seemed
to be just about everyone's
favorite mode of transportation.

The Engineer had a great
sense of humor and kept
us entertained with all
sorts of interesting stories.
 For added excitement,
he blew the train whistle
over and over again.
"Can you hear that whistle
blowing, it's coming down the track......"
~Johnny Cash
Passing by this small
log cabin, I wondered if
this might be a replica of 
Dolly's childhood home.

"Life is as peaceful as a baby's sigh.
In my Tennessee mountain home,
crickets singing in the fields near by....."

"Watch your step, and come again!"
Dolly and the folks in and around
Pigeon Forge, Dollywood and Gatlinburg,
 have  figured out how to show the
world  a good time. 
Tomorrow I'll post a few more
favorite vacation photos.
Have a beautiful day everyone!  Dee Dee

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bear Food

The Tennessee mountain weather
was absolutely fabulous!
Having left our home in Florida,
with temps in the high 80s,
we took every advantage of the
coolness offered by the Creator.
On this day,
with camera in hand, I began
walking the mountain road just
outside our cabin. 

Finding these red raspberries,
 along the road, was a
 pleasant surprise.
I recall wondering if I
was  being watched by bears.
I had read that bears wait
for the berries to ripen
completely before eating them.
These were right on the edge
of ripening completion.

Oh we had seen plenty of bears alright,
only they were inside our cabin.
Bear paintings on the walls,
bear statues on the fireplace
mantel, bear fabric on the sofa
and even bear salt and pepper shakers.
Everywhere was black bear motif!

I left the berries on the vines
for the critters in the area.  At
another time and place, I would
have been eager to turn them into
some real  nice jelly. But, I
was on vacation and that was
sounding an awful lot
 like kitchen work.

Know what I mean?

Have a beautiful day!  Dee Dee

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunrise At Our Mountain Cabin

Upon our arrival in Pigeon Forge
we met family 
 and followed them
to our vacation mountain cabin.
This three story get-a-way,
 decorated in "country luxury"
would be our home for
 one complete week.

The first morning's sunrise
found me outside with my camera......

The view from
our balcony found
me standing in awe,
as I witnessed 
the handi-work of
 one spectacular
Our God is truly an awesome God.......

Morning view of mountains
seen from side of cabin.....

Birds were everywhere.....just
adding to the country mountain ambiance.

So, our first morning of vacation
began this way.......with a
subtle "wow!" 
 If you've been
to this part of the country, you
know we had a jammed-packed
itinerary and the fun was just
Have a blessed day......Dee Dee
click on photos to enlarge

Monday, May 21, 2012

Into The Smokey Mountains......

On our way into Tennessee,
we drove through the
Smokey Mountain National Park.....
As you will see, we stopped
at several lookout points
to take photos.
My camera
was lovin' what it was
seeing, and  in every direction.
I thought this an interesting
a freshly cut limb from a small
tree......with lichen surrounding it.

It only held my attention a
moment or two, for the view behind
the tree took my "Florida Girl"  breath
completely away.
In the distance, the sun splashing
all over the tree tops,  made for
a sight to behold.
Each "lookout point"  gave
us something to "oooh and ahhhh" over, and
we had no problem with why
they called this place  the "Smokey Mountains"......

All along the highway,
we could see this gorgeous
stream making it's way
down the mountains.
When I left the car
to take photos, I was surprised
at how loud the rushing
waters were.....

Rhododendron, with lovely pink
blooms hung over the water in
this area.

and they were mighty pretty, as you can see.....

A favorite photo taken
as we were coming to
the end of a tunnel......
Just know, the closer we came to
our destination, the more excited
the Mister and I became.  Already I was
hearing the words to Dolly's famous song
in my head..........
"In my Tennessee mountain home.....
Life is as peaceful as a babys' sigh....."

Visit again and I'll share some
more of our vacation fun......Dee Dee
click on photos to enlarge