Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Girl Clothes

There's nothing I like more, than
shopping for a new
baby granddaughter. 
This sweet precious girl, will
join her two brothers,
in August.
She'll be born in cold-country, so,
I've made my selections for
 warmer clothing,
on today's shopping outing.
 I brought home a bag full of 
 new-born and size 3-6 mos.
"girly things."
Each item is
precious, but I am especially fond
of these two  adorable corduroy jumpers.
I can so appreciate all
the detail put into these sweet  clothes. 

Made from
baby soft corduroy,
I've matched them with
a soft white cotton

I suppose it's the grandmother in
me, but these days I appreciate
how these tiny clothes are made. I sew a
little myself, and sometimes
get new ideas.

This little jumper has
a lining. I'm adding a cotton lace trim
giving  the appearance of a long slip.
Got my creative juices in
active mode, these days.
I'll complete the
outfits, with red and white
tights, and a sweet white
crocheted cap.

"Tiny little dresses
patterned white
 and red
for this precious
baby girl."

Blessings......Dee Dee