Monday, May 21, 2012

Into The Smokey Mountains......

On our way into Tennessee,
we drove through the
Smokey Mountain National Park.....
As you will see, we stopped
at several lookout points
to take photos.
My camera
was lovin' what it was
seeing, and  in every direction.
I thought this an interesting
a freshly cut limb from a small
tree......with lichen surrounding it.

It only held my attention a
moment or two, for the view behind
the tree took my "Florida Girl"  breath
completely away.
In the distance, the sun splashing
all over the tree tops,  made for
a sight to behold.
Each "lookout point"  gave
us something to "oooh and ahhhh" over, and
we had no problem with why
they called this place  the "Smokey Mountains"......

All along the highway,
we could see this gorgeous
stream making it's way
down the mountains.
When I left the car
to take photos, I was surprised
at how loud the rushing
waters were.....

Rhododendron, with lovely pink
blooms hung over the water in
this area.

and they were mighty pretty, as you can see.....

A favorite photo taken
as we were coming to
the end of a tunnel......
Just know, the closer we came to
our destination, the more excited
the Mister and I became.  Already I was
hearing the words to Dolly's famous song
in my head..........
"In my Tennessee mountain home.....
Life is as peaceful as a babys' sigh....."

Visit again and I'll share some
more of our vacation fun......Dee Dee
click on photos to enlarge