Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mountain Wildflowers

"Country road, take me home......"
I grew up in the mountains of
North Carolina, and my Smokey Mountain
memories came flooding back as I walked
the road in front of our Tennessee cabin.
The beauty of it all was a little
over-whelming and thankfully,
 I had all the time
in the world to enjoy it.
The Mister and I were on a vacation
like no other before.....
On this day, I looked down at
the ground, and
found all sorts of beautiful plants. 

 An old tree stump
caught my attention and I could
still see beauty here,  even in death.

I saw a small tree sapling,
new and fresh to the world.
I likened it to a small child,
imagining the older  trees
sharing stories of folklore and
their  mountain world.

"Bachelor Buttons".....
 were everywhere,
or so it seemed.
They were  tiny tiny, and so lovely.

Sweet Clover,  growing
sporadically along the road
brought memories of my
childhood summer play in our
mountain valley.
In grasses covered
with clover, on hands and
knees we searched for the
four-leafed clovers.

How lovely this mountain
paradise,  sprinkled with beauty.....
a perpetual experience of

"He restoreth my soul with His
creation giving me feelings of
"Walk on walk on with hope in
your heart......."
Remembering all the beauty of
the mountains makes me want to
sing His praises. Just can't help
Glad you stopped by......Dee Dee
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