Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Photos Of 2010

We traveled to see family this past week,
it was great to see everyone and of course
I took every opportunity to use the Mister's new camera.
I suppose I have a healthy and active
addiction to photography.
It occurred to me these were the last photos
I would take in the year 2010.
I think a good omen....a place of worship.
I have a thing for beautiful churches and will go out of my
way to see them.
 "Whoa pull over please!"
This pretty old Catholic church was 
on the main street of a small town we passed through, in Georgia.
"Church of  Immaculate Conception"........
Looks like clapboard in the construction, 
and I love that.
 The  front doors say, 
 "you are mightily welcomed, please come inside."
Notice the steeple and the cross.....
 a beautiful thing how the cross cast a  shadow over
 the church roof.
Tired from our trip, but having good thoughts......
feeling hopeful and optimistic about the future.....
For now, I'm
closing out the year with quotes by two amazing "believers"....
"Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable
and receives the impossible." ~ Corrie Ten Boom
"You are never to old to set another goal or
dream a new dream".....~C S Lewis
So....this coming year, be sure to look for His blessings
and remember His promises....
Happy New Year.....Dee Dee

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Quick Look Back And On With The New Year

I suppose we're all much the same,
while looking forward to the future, about this same time each year,
we all take a quick look back...wrap up a few loose ends
and begin new preparations.
 A new year begins tomorrow at midnight....
are you ready with your resolutions
and new blogging plans?
I am...
Looking back, I'm thinking
it's much easier to do so for a blogger, for we have
plenty to look at in our archives...sort of
like having an online journal.
Our blogs tell a lot about us....
our likes and dislikes, things about our families.... 
the kinds of books we read,
the foods we eat
the music we like and even a bit of our politics.
Well, here we go everyone...
I,m planning lots of good things, and with God,s
help I,ll do just fine.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Old Year Passing.....

 Old year 2010 candle.....
New Year's candle 2011......
A Christmas gift from my daughter,
a beautiful white lantern
giving off just the right amount of light...
winter mood light. Cozy is a good word
for sitting in candle-light.
As I sat gazing, I've been thinking of how soon
the old year will be passing.....
...never to be spoken in the present tense again.
The year will end as though a candle were snuffed out.
It's been a tumultous year with a great deal
 of sadness for many throughout the world.
My "New Year's Prayer"  will be that
just as the old year ends, there will be
renewed  hope, joy and peace for everyone.
Happy New Year!
and God Be With You

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Birth Of A New Year

"I no longer make goals that streatch
far into the future, but try to achieve,
to learn, to wonder, and to keep
gratitude in my heart,
for each tender mercy."~Jenni Farnes
Victoria Magazine

I suppose the new year is seen by us all,
as a time that brings opportunity for change.
Perhaps we begin making  healthier habits or maybe
 we finally begin something we've put
off for a long while...something we've
dreamed of doing. 
 Last year, my
"New Year's Resolution" was to begin
drawing and painting with watercolors.
Often my efforts are seen here on my titled "Pencils and Watercolors."
What a fun and exciting journey it has
been.  Once I began, there was no
turning back or dragging my feet. I have
learned from this experience, many  valuable lessons.
With the challenge before me, and the determination
I quickly realized my ability and  there was nothing
stopping me. 
 I've shared my experience with 
 friends and family.....
and think it wise to tell
our children and grandchildren
to follow their dreams and figure out
early in life what  is most
important to them.  Carve out space and
time and pursue your dreams as soon as
they are realized. 
Never stretch out your
goals way into  the future, we are not
promised tomorrow.
Good blessings for you all as you begin this
 new year 2011
....Dee Dee

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Night Reflections.....

                                                Another Christmas has come and gone....
It was almost everything we had wished for.
We all opened presents, and they were very
nice, but I've decided that
the best gifts of all in this life,
are our  friends, family, children and
Today we saw precious little  faces as they opened their
gifts....heard their laughter and received their hugs, 
.....they are so
generous with their love, their unconditional love.
I think  the message of Christmas
is God's gift to us.
"For God so loved the world, that He gave
His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes
in Him shall not parish but have everlasting life."
John 3:16
Christmas blessings for you.....Dee Dee

Christ Is The Reason We Celebrate Christmas

Jesus is worthy of all glory,
all honor and praise.
Praying your Christmas is filled
with His majestic presence.
Merry Christmas dear family and friends......
and God bless you everyone.
Dee Dee and the Mister....

Friday, December 24, 2010

Rejoicing In Heaven

The Bible tells us there was rejoicing in heaven
when Christ was born.
"Unto us a Son is given....
Wonderful, Councilor
the mighty God
the everlasting Father...
the Prince of peace.
King of kings and
Lord of Lord!
And He shall reign forever and ever. Amen"
Merry Christmas dear family and friends
and may God give you the
sweetest of blessings throughout
the new year.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cherished...Given In Friendship

While looking at our Christmas tree this morning,
I began thinking of Christmases past when
our tree was so ladened with
saved and special ornaments, we could
see little evergreen of the tree.
This year, our tree sparkles with a theme in mind, with
 shiny and reflecting decorative items.
Many are symbolic
 of Christ coming to earth
as a babe born in a manger....angels and stars
To  be cherished forever,
a starlike cross ornament,
given in friendship, also adorns our tree.
  It will always have a place on our
tree in the coming years,
as reminder
........ that some people
come into our lives and quickly
go. Some stay for awhile and leave
footprints on our hearts, and we
are never the same.
I hope your all
enjoying this Christmas eve eve....DeeDee

An Artistic Curiosity

I like her eyes.....
You might recognize her, she was on a
previous post....
Shown here, is my artistic curiosity with
camera settings and my photo program.
Turn me loose long enough, and I
will explore, and make new and
interesting discoveries that sometimes
further enhance my already unusual
artistic endeavors.
Interesting textures,
don't you think?
Enjoying the moments,
and feeling grateful tonight.
Good Blessings...Dee Dee

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter White Roses....Blooming At Christmas

They love and thrive in cooler weather....
We are blessed to have beautiful
white Roses blooming all winter long
here in Florida.
When they bloom, I clip them and
bring them inside to enjoy.
Photos were taken of my view each morning.....
my kitchen window sill.
Another blessing from our
magnificent Creator.
Thanking Him today....Dee Dee

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pineapple...The Symbol For Welcome

We're entertaining some very good friends tomorrow
evening, so I'm busying  tidying up and
making our home have that ...
come in, you are mightily welcomed feeling to it.
I was watching a program the other day, I think
 coming from Colonial Williamsburg.
There they use pineapples in door wreaths
at Christmastime, and in various
arrangements throughout the homes.
I love the whole idea....seems   kind of
warm and friendly.
The basket shown sits on my dining table,
holding not only the pineapple, but also small pears,
apples, avocados and nuts....all
deliciously edible and available for
guest that might sit and visit a while.
I hope your having as much fun as I am.....
I love Christmas!
Next on my list of  "to dos"
 Make my
traditional  "English Shortbread."
Gonna be so nice with that
Barnie's Santa,s White Christmas Coffee....
Thinking joyful and happy thoughts!
Lord Bless You......Dee Dee....

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Art For Children

Yes, I'm painting snow scenes
for children, tonight.
It's cold outside, and we're actually
having a typical  winter's night....
Jack Frost even nipping at our ears.
While everyone up north
has been posting photos of  lovely
fireplaces and snow covered yards,
I've been pining away.....just longing
for even a few snow flurries.
It's Christmas, after all...
sleigh riding time.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Realizing all His blessings......DeeDee

A Cold Winters Night

Today was awesome.
Worship at Christmastime is the best!
I never tire of hearing Matthew's
account of the birth of Christ.
The message is loud and clear,
He came for the whole world.
Voices singing Christmas carols in unison,
blesses my heart.
It's been a long fulfilling Lord's day.
Now, the house
is quiet, I've been painting and
drawing and the Mister is preparing
nice flavored coffees for us.
The painting......
I loved doing this one.
 A fine
"Christmas Goose"
out for a stroll
on a cold winter's night
The moon is shining on the
new fallen snow.
It's a beautiful sight he's
happy tonight....
walking in a winter wonder land.
Have a great week!
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Christmas Corsage....Watercolors & Pencils

Do you remember the Christmas corsage?
I sure do, and oh how I wish they were
back in style.
 We all wore them, back in the days
 and the bigger
and shinier, the better.
There's just something really pretty
and feminine about a small floral
arrangement worn on a ladies suit,
or winter coat, and the outfit could go from
just okay to wow!
Now the young lady seen here,
wearing a beautiful corsage,
 would have been
"stylin" back in the 50,s....
don't you think?
She's also got that
I,m dreaming of  a horse drawn  sleigh ride
with the boy next door kinda  look in her eyes,
or just maybe
I,m all dressed up and need a place to go.
Now I've been thinking...... it wouldn't
take a whole lot of effort, a few
tiny and shiny Christmas colored balls,
 bits of greenery and silk ribbon
and I could whip
a little corsage together in no time
at all.
"Sleigh bells ring, are you listening......."
Enjoying the season.....
of peace,love,joy.......Dee Dee 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thriving Cabbages

Remember the cabbages?
Calling attention to themselves as
they sit on a small bistro table
in the garden.
I posted on the ornamental cabbages
a few weeks ago.  We've had
such beautiful weather lately,
even very cold days and nights.
Sure looks as though the cabbages
are loving it.
 I just had to take a few
photos and show then off.....
Have you ever seen such
beautiful colors?
Nature's palette of
Speaking of palettes,
  I'll be doing a few small paintings
this weekend,
with Christmas in mind.
I'm sure they'll show up on
a post in the next day or so.
I hope your all enjoying the
warmth and joy of the season.
Blessings....Dee Dee

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sounds of Christmas Merriment

Christmas In The Olden Time
~Sir Walter Scott
Heap on more wood!
 -the wind is chill;
But let it whistle as it will,
We'll keep our Christmas merry still.....
Just a few words from Sir Walter's
poem, describes how it is with
our family and friends living
in northern colder climates.
Word is that schools are closing
for snow days, and roads
are  frozen over in sheets of ice
for those living in North Carolina.
Further north, up close to Canada,
it's taking  pellet stoves and
 furnaces to warm the homes.
But a little bit of cold and snow never
dampens  the spirits of these
resilient folks. They've been
prepared for this kind of weather,
 for weeks now. Why,  there's so
much love and merriment
going on in these homes.....
I can almost hear the sounds of their voices
as the Christmas baking begins.
"Let's put some colored sugars
 on these warm cookies."
"Alright, who wants fudge?"
During the winter, they'll have 
neighbors stopping by to help clear
snow from the driveways.
I'm hearing sweet hospitality......
"Come on in and get warm by the fire, and
you know you'll want some hot chocolate,
Sure do appreciate your help with the snow."
"Tell the Missus, thank you for the venison stew."
"Merry Christmas and God bless."
Sweet sounds of Christmas merriment.......
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do You Remember?

We've just finished watching
"The Polar Express".....
now a tradition each Christmas.
Even to adults, the whole
movie experience is magical.
It's made me think back to my
childhood, when I still believed
in Santa Claus. 
Times were
much different in those days.
Ole Santa would bring us
candy, fruit and nuts for our stockings,
coloring books and crayons,
and one main gift
for each child in our family.
Until the age of eight,
Santa brought me a new doll. 
My last doll  had long brown pig-tails.
Sadly, when our family moved from
our home in South Carolina,
she was left behind  in the attic,
inside a box of outgrown toys.
Occasionally I think of my doll,
usually when  finding myself in the
 doll aisle of a toy store. 
I'll search for the one
that looks most like her. Finding one with
long brown pig-tails, I'll look into
her eyes, smile, and think of the
child that will soon have her as
a new best friend and playmate.
Ah yes, I remember Christmases
 before the
"end of the magic"
 I could still hear the bell ring.
The Santa seen here, is adhered
to my curio cabinet for the children,
 ......isn't he just the best?
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Soft Beauty of the Poinsettia....

*Christmas began in the heart of God.
It is complete only when it reaches
the heart of man.~author unknown

All month long, I've looked for
white Poinsettias.  Why did I not go
by the Fresh Market to begin with?
Just take a look for yourself,
they are soooo pretty.
My friends living close by.....
scurry on over, they have plenty
left.  As a matter of fact, they
seem to have everything you might
need for your Christmas table, stockings,
and "foody" gift giving.
 One other thought....
the food pantries at our churches
can probably use extra food this
time of year.
 Just wishing you all the
quiet beauty of a peaceful
Christmas season.......Dee Dee

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Roses For Christmas

The forecast was bitter cold temps,
down in the low 30s.  Those of
you living in northern climate, are
most likely laughing at my description
of what is bitter cold to me.
We were dressed as though
we lived in Antarctica
the Mister and I, as we hurriedly
covered our Hibiscus, and cherished
potted Roses.  The Roses,
happiest in Florida's winter
climate, are full of buds and
just beginning to open.
So, I clipped a few and
brought them lovely
to have Roses for Christmas.
Not only is it looking like
Christmas here at the cottage,
with cold winter breezes
coming in from the Gulf,
it definitely reminds me of
those Christmases
I remember, as a child, in Pennsylvania.
Did someone mention
"hot chocolate" feels a bit chilly in here!
Good blessings for the day....Dee Dee

Monday, December 13, 2010

So Much To Read....So Little Time Left

At the beginning of December,
I hurriedly purchased some
great little Christmas reads
at my library's resale store.
Corrie Ten Boom's Christmas Years,
is found in the small stack....
shown here.
I can hardly wait to read this, and
most likely will, first.
Why haven't I begun reading?
Good things going on and not
enough hours in the day.
I popped into B&N this past week,
looking for gift ideas...found plenty.....
As is usual this time of year,
the front tables of the store,
were piled high with
new and entertaining
Do you find them all irresistible?
I do, however, this year, I
used self control and
left them alone.
Between the little books I have,
already, lying in wait, and the
Hallmark nightly Christmas movies,
I am well satisfied with my
wistful yearning for Christmases
from the past....and
celebrations of days gone by.
What can I say,
so much to read, and so little time left.
Christmas will be here, before we know it!
Be blessed this week.......Dee Dee

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Start At The Manger

Painting by deedee....Cantata  inspired...."Mary and Jesus"

Tonight our choir performed a
Christmas cantata
titled "Start at the Manger....
Then Go to the Cross."
"Start at the manger, on a cold
winter's night, look for the star
in the sky then follow the light.
It leads to a Savior...."
I've been singing and
practicing this beautiful  music
all week long, the words
I've gone over and over....even
dreaming the words....this is true.
After our performance, the choir
stood in the vestibule of the church
to receive the congregation.  The
program was enjoyed by everyone
and we received  the grandest and
sweetest of "family of God"  reviews.
Several  commented as to how
the words had touched their hearts.
I know they did mine...
I struggled with a few tears......
as we began singing....while
thinking back on how
 the Lord had brought me through
a deep valley ...a serious illness,
and now He had
brought me to the
 Christmas is indeed a time of
rebirth and renewal....
Blessings....Dee Dee

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Magic

A December Saturday and I'm finding
again, one of those "Kodak" moments....
White is the Christmas color
in our living room...but then
tiny hints of other colors, as
seen in the glass  bowl that has 
bits of pale aqua shades.
Loving that afternoon
sun that just seems to "kiss"
whatever lies in it's path.
Today, a white snowflake
Christmas bell.
More Christmas magic,
I suppose.
Have a blessed day....Dee Dee

Mamma Zee's Candles....

It just wouldn't be Christmas without candles in the windows.
Through the years we've
  affectionately referred  to them as
"Mamma Zee's Candles"
Mamma Zee, the matriarch of the family,
was a true role model and big influence
on the younger women in the family.
I found  this beautiful
petite, fashionably attractive southern lady
to be completely charming..
Having recently married her grandson,
the day I met her,
she embraced me completely as newest
member of the family.  The occasion was
Christmas, and her home was beautifully
adorned with all the latest in holiday decor.
Never before had I seen a silver Christmas tree,
but there it was in her very formal living room.
The tree, pink velvet chairs and candles in the
windows, all had her signature on them. 
For many years,
 we gathered with her, to celebrate Christmas.
 Mamma  Zee has long ago gone to be with the Lord,
but each Christmas as I place  candles in
the windows,  memories of the warmth of her heart, 
her generosity to everyone...and the love she had  for 
each member of her family comes flooding back. 
Ah yes, she is definitely one of those
sweetest of blessings given to our family
by a loving and caring God.
Christmas Blessings.....Dee Dee

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lovely Christmas Images

My late night "gift card art."  Christmas ball has fallen from tree....
I'm finding Christmas art to be some of my favorite.
Crown & Crumpet Images....
Have you ever looked into the eyes of a
young child as they gaze upon a Christmas tree
or walk into a  Christmas Shoppe?
Happened to me all over again,
 having found, via the Internet, 
"Crown & Crumpet Tea Salon" of a kind gift shop.
Oh my, a beautiful little place located 
 in San Francisco.
and have those same feelings of
childhood wonderment all over again.
I promise.
I'm lovin what I'm seeing....pretty magical things.
Blessings....Dee Dee

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Carolers

art by dee dee....

Welcomed Carolers at Christmastime...
Have you noticed on my Playlist
all the children's choir music?
To me, there is nothing more
beautiful than children singing
traditional Christian-Christmas music.
It was not so long ago, that
choirs actually strolled from
door to door singing Christmas Carols.
During the month of
December, this tradition
 still holds somewhat true as
 choirs gather to sing....
 in our little village.
Lots of folks in the community come
out for "An Old Fashioned Christmas."
I have the calendar marked for
the occasion, that and the
"Lighted Boat Parade."
Don't you just love all the
festivities of Christmas?
If you like, stay here for a while
and listen to the are mightily welcomed.
Blessings....Dee Dee