Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Roses For Christmas

The forecast was bitter cold temps,
down in the low 30s.  Those of
you living in northern climate, are
most likely laughing at my description
of what is bitter cold to me.
We were dressed as though
we lived in Antarctica
the Mister and I, as we hurriedly
covered our Hibiscus, and cherished
potted Roses.  The Roses,
happiest in Florida's winter
climate, are full of buds and
just beginning to open.
So, I clipped a few and
brought them in....how lovely
to have Roses for Christmas.
Not only is it looking like
Christmas here at the cottage,
with cold winter breezes
coming in from the Gulf,
it definitely reminds me of
those Christmases
I remember, as a child, in Pennsylvania.
Did someone mention
"hot chocolate"....it feels a bit chilly in here!
Good blessings for the day....Dee Dee