Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Carolers

art by dee dee....

Welcomed Carolers at Christmastime...
Have you noticed on my Playlist
all the children's choir music?
To me, there is nothing more
beautiful than children singing
traditional Christian-Christmas music.
It was not so long ago, that
choirs actually strolled from
door to door singing Christmas Carols.
During the month of
December, this tradition
 still holds somewhat true as
 choirs gather to sing....
 in our little village.
Lots of folks in the community come
out for "An Old Fashioned Christmas."
I have the calendar marked for
the occasion, that and the
"Lighted Boat Parade."
Don't you just love all the
festivities of Christmas?
If you like, stay here for a while
and listen to the are mightily welcomed.
Blessings....Dee Dee