Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mamma Zee's Candles....

It just wouldn't be Christmas without candles in the windows.
Through the years we've
  affectionately referred  to them as
"Mamma Zee's Candles"
Mamma Zee, the matriarch of the family,
was a true role model and big influence
on the younger women in the family.
I found  this beautiful
petite, fashionably attractive southern lady
to be completely charming..
Having recently married her grandson,
the day I met her,
she embraced me completely as newest
member of the family.  The occasion was
Christmas, and her home was beautifully
adorned with all the latest in holiday decor.
Never before had I seen a silver Christmas tree,
but there it was in her very formal living room.
The tree, pink velvet chairs and candles in the
windows, all had her signature on them. 
For many years,
 we gathered with her, to celebrate Christmas.
 Mamma  Zee has long ago gone to be with the Lord,
but each Christmas as I place  candles in
the windows,  memories of the warmth of her heart, 
her generosity to everyone...and the love she had  for 
each member of her family comes flooding back. 
Ah yes, she is definitely one of those
sweetest of blessings given to our family
by a loving and caring God.
Christmas Blessings.....Dee Dee