Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do You Remember?

We've just finished watching
"The Polar Express".....
now a tradition each Christmas.
Even to adults, the whole
movie experience is magical.
It's made me think back to my
childhood, when I still believed
in Santa Claus. 
Times were
much different in those days.
Ole Santa would bring us
candy, fruit and nuts for our stockings,
coloring books and crayons,
and one main gift
for each child in our family.
Until the age of eight,
Santa brought me a new doll. 
My last doll  had long brown pig-tails.
Sadly, when our family moved from
our home in South Carolina,
she was left behind  in the attic,
inside a box of outgrown toys.
Occasionally I think of my doll,
usually when  finding myself in the
 doll aisle of a toy store. 
I'll search for the one
that looks most like her. Finding one with
long brown pig-tails, I'll look into
her eyes, smile, and think of the
child that will soon have her as
a new best friend and playmate.
Ah yes, I remember Christmases
 before the
"end of the magic"
 I could still hear the bell ring.
The Santa seen here, is adhered
to my curio cabinet for the children,
 ......isn't he just the best?
Blessings.....Dee Dee