Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Bit Of Prose

"Spring On The Island"
I hear their whistles,
 the wild birds that call the island home.
Hidden from view by the tall grasses they are
likely nesting.
Sun baked during summer,
spring now finds shallow rain ponds alive
 with fiddler crabs. 
A haven for noisy seagulls, they seem misplaced
in fresh waters, while performing courting rituals.
Watching tall willows sway in rhythm, 
I see a shadow
moving  over brown "cat-tail" tips. 
 A Snowy White Egret suddenly  lands, 
 and stands statue like,
ankle deep in marsh sludge. 
 A black crow in almost
robot-like movements,
barks and hops toward a shiny attraction.
A tin can,
 half buried in a mud grave is the
object of curiosity.
All sharing the earth in a peaceful coexistence,
even I was allowed a place to stand.
~Dee Dee
Have a blessed day.....
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Friday, April 29, 2011

"New Motherhood"

With "Mother's Day" right around the corner,
the subject of my art  is  "new motherhood"  and seems to be
an often and  common utterance in our growing family.
Two new  babies born this past year, making me
 grandmother again and again.
I love it! Keeps me busy creating baby
things. I suppose somewhere in my "gray-matter"
I've been pre- programed to sew.
It comes quite natural and I find it pleasingly enjoyable. 
I've  noticed young mothers today, are not so different
from the way we were.
 They are happily contented and exhausted by days end.
Round the clock they go, at an inexhaustible pace.
It is so true indeed, "mother's work is never done."
You can see, I've begun early drawing and painting
''new mothers" intention to do more. 
Hopefully one painting  will be worthy of adorning
 my Mother's Day cards.
Sweet family and friends....the recipents,
 will again recognize  my simple and
humble efforts.
Enjoying the moments.....Dee Dee

Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Pretty.....

Still pretty.....
once a centerpiece.... for our Easter dining,
now adorning a table in our living room.
The Hydrangea for a very long while, has
held sweet symbolic meanings for me.
Our home in South Carolina, 
for so many long years,  had a lovely
blue colored Hydrangea plant growing 
 in our front yard.
The hot Carolina summer climate, made it
difficult sometimes  for the plant to survive. 
Most afternoons
I would find it's branches sprawled on the
ground, as though it had
 "given up the ghost."
By morning, it had renewed it's strength and
stood tall and proud, heavy with large
clustered blooms. 
Each time I bring Hydrangea
into the cottage......sorta has that "old south"
feeling that conjers up all sorts sweet memories.
Time forever has barred the way
You can't return to yesterday.
Out of reach...beyond the blue...
Tomorrow waits in vain for you!
So take today, enjoy its measure
Quick as a's yesterday's treasure!
~Maxine Lung
Have a blessed day....Dee Dee

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Think On This.....

Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect supreme experience
if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling.
This, however, is not generally a part of the domestic apparatus
on the premises.  I think myself that the thing might be managed
with several pails of Aspinall and a broom. Only if one worked in
a really sweeping and masterly way, and laid on the color in great
washes. It might drip down again on one's face in floods of rich and
mingled color like some strange fairy rain.
~G K Chesterton
I do have an active imagination when it comes
to creativity.....the power to form mental images of something
not present.  I've not imagined painting on the ceiling before,
(now a possibility.... having read G K Chesterton's description....)
dare I make such a mess?
I hope your letting go of your imagination just a little....
good things happen while playing with color.
Blessings....Dee Dee

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Blessedness Of Showers....

We had rain today and afterwards the baskets
hanging in the garden were showing off just a bit more
 than usual.
Raindrops softly falling
 in a gentle melody
Refreshing plants and flowers
And soothing peacefully
As the lovely growth of springtime
Is accomplished by the rain
May the heart grown worn and weary
Or encompassed now in pain
Find gentle sweet refreshing
In the blessedness of showers
Falling softly in sweet rhythm
To renew these hearts of ours.
Excerpts from Raindrops Falling
by Jewell Carr Campbell
Sweet blessings for you this day......Dee Dee

Monday, April 25, 2011


It began early and ended late. 
Early Easter services,
dinner with family
(sweet table images....
bunny candle and
lovely Hydrangea)
Evening church service,
after weeks of preparation,
singing with our
choir in a most glorious
musical production
"Calvary's Story."
I've had
one of those memorable
days that I will reflect
back on with a smile
in my heart.....
Ah....continuity of traditions,
and so many beautiful memories.
Enjoying all the moments.....Dee Dee

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Risen

Happy Easter
sweet family and friends.
.....Dee Dee
Painting....Google Images

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nature Aware Of Calvary's Story?

Calvary's story started in a garden
with choice by a woman and
a man...where the whole human race
found itself in need of grace,
and the story of Calvary began.
~Calvary's Story Musical

"Desert Rose"
We've  been waiting a while for it to bloom.
Finally, this week,  and  the color is fantastic.
After the
 spring rains, it suddenly burst forth with an
abundance of blooms.
I've had Desert Rose, in the past,
and forgotten  how lovely they are.
Although  thinking of the Easter Lily this week,
I'm  happilly satisfied and  thankful for the Desert Rose.
Coincidence??? that it is  now blooming  in time  for this blessed
Holy week? Is nature aware of "Calvary's Story?" Perhaps....
Easter Blessings for everyone.....Dee Dee
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Christian Holy Day.....Good Friday

Hallelujah! Priaise the Lamb!
My heart sings His praise forever!
......Dee Dee

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Familiarity and Traditions

These little decorative items have been a part
of our spring/Easter decor for quite a
number of years.  Atop the bookcase, they
look so sweet....bring smiles to my heart each
time I glance their way. They will come down,
and be blended amongst the table settings
for our family Easter dinner.  Children like
continuity and traditions, and always look
for familiarity when visiting grandparents.
"Oh, I remember this!"  I'll hear that a
few times, I'm quite sure.
Enjoying all the moments....Blessings....Dee Dee

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not Your Usual Spring Birds

Most mornings, and beginning early this spring,
flocks of  White Ibis began  having breakfast
in our front yard. 
I'm not having much success in a photo of 
the whole group...the least little noise and they scatter.

I couldn't resist playing around with a photo program
or two and kind of like the results.
Click on photo for a closer look.
Having a blessed and busy Easter week,
trying to stay engaged, focused and committed,
loving each moment......
Blessings for you......Dee Dee

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Bible Story....Movie

This movie came out in 2010, was shown April l7th, 
this past Sunday evening, on the Gospel Music Channel....
and can be seen in it's entirety on Youtube....or
check Family Christian Store, online.
Plot: A biblical Cinderella story seen through the
eyes of a young widow as she leaves her homeland
to Israel in search of a better life.  Upon reaching
Israel, she is swept off her feet by a wealthy royal
which ultimately leads to her destiny.
This is a love story. The love of Ruth for her
mother-in-law Naomi and the love of Boaz
for Ruth.
Ruth and Boaz
~Chris Higham artist
I recently discovered  art by Chris Higham....just
beautiful.  Note sidebar...Easter story and
more of his paintings.
Have a blessed week.....Dee Dee

Monday, April 18, 2011

You may have noticed "Rabbit" before....

He was "greeter" for a while.....
However, I thought his little face
worthy of a post alone.
A dear sweet boy,
painted just in time for
lovely spring grasses.
The secret of happiness lies
in taking genuine interest in
all the details of daily life, and
in elevating them to art.
~William Morris
Blessings......Dee Dee

Sunday, April 17, 2011

All the children of the world.....

Jesus Prays For The Children
~ Chris Higham
Loving Jesus, gentle Lamb
In thy gracious hands I am;
Make me Saviour, what thou art,
Live thy self within my heart.

I shall then show forth Thy praise,
Serve Thee all my happy days;
The world shall always see
Christ, the Holy Child, in me.
~Charles Wesley
"Suffer the little children to come unto me,
and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God."
Matthew 19:14
Blessings this Lord's day......Dee Dee

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Morning Hibiscus

I post on the Hibiscus growing in our garden often.
I never tire of them, each morning offering new and
even more beautiful images.  They are quite hardy
plants, adaptable to the sandy soil. I planted those
 seen here at the end of last summer....small plants.
Size of the plant means nothing, as you can see.
The red Hibiscus has so many large buds, they
seem to be fighting for "notice me"  position on the stems.
Notice the red bloom and the bud together.
They are quite beautiful actually.
Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint,
and the soil and sky as canvas.~ Elizabeth Murray
Have a blessed weekend......Dee Dee
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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Old Rugged Cross

Easter...observed in commemoration of Christ's resurrection.
Christians throughout the world have been celebrating
and thankful in their hearts, all year long. 
 Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate aloud.
For weeks now, the choir at my church has been practicing
special music "Calvary's Story" for our  Easter Sunday evening program.
Beautiful beautiful worlds.....a solo...I've been singing to myself.
"Amazing grace shall always be my song of praise, for it was
grace that bought my liberty.  I do not know just why He came
to love me so, He looked beyond my fault  and saw my need."
In my humble attempt at painting this morning, I wanted  to convey
to everyone....
He died for the world, on an old rugged cross.
Keep looking for His blessings....there are many.....Dee Dee

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yellow Gerbera Daisies......SUNSHINE!

Bring yellow Gerbera Daisies into your
home and watch the transformation.
Flowers always make people better, happier
and more helpful; they are sunshine, food
and medicine for the soul. ~Luther Burbank
Just living is not must have
sunshine freedom and a little flower.
~Hans Christian Anderson
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty Knockout Roses......

This has been a busy day.  Rising early on Tuesday mornings
is the norm. I attend a ladies Bible study at my church.  That got me going
today, in a real pleasant  kind of way.  Want to feel good all day long, begin
 fellowship with a group of sweet Christian women.
Returning home, I found the Mister still tidying up the garden.  The
tree-trimming yesterday left things in disarray, to say the least.  Looking
really nice now.  A  labor of love, keeping a garden in order,
especially here in Florida, dealing with the heat.  I suppose that's why
I love "Knockout Roses."  They just bloom up-a-storm with little
 bother or fuss....... I do love roses .....all varieties.
"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."
~Emma Goldman
Keep looking for His blessings.....Dee Dee
click twice on the roses to enlarge...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Garden Palms

Washingtonia Palm (Mexican Fan Palm)

Queen Palm
Queen Palms
Lately, we've had trouble keeping the garden tidied up.
Early spring finds the squirrels building nest way
up high in the palm trees, and the evidence is apparent. As
they nibble off  fronds, packing  them into
 massive nesting places, they drop messy scraps all over.
 Herein, lies the problem.Thankfully, faithful tree-trimmer
Wayne, comes to our rescue a couple times a year.
No baby squirrels were found, thank goodness.  Had we
called later, it may not have  been the case.
The palms keep growing taller and taller. The Mister estimates
them at  seventy-plus feet high or more.
It's a little scary watching the ladder
stretched out to it's fullest and  the remaining distance
to the top, by using  ropes and straps. Each year Wayne
does an amazing job.  As I looked up to see his
completed work today, I was  impressed and wondered at
his ability to climb the very tall  Washingtonia palm.  I love
how the fan fronds blow  in the soft warm Florida breezes.
The three Queen palms, planted eight years ago, are
unbelievably tall and beautiful.
Double Click on photos for a closer look, if you like.
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Monday, April 11, 2011

Surf Play

A sweet painting......of precious children.
My daughter Natalie, several years back, and
her best friend Jenny.  They spent warm
summer days of their childhood at the beach, playing in the surf.
Thus, my inspiration for the painting and title "Surf Play."
Take me out to the ocean
Take me out to the sea,
Show me the foamy waves rolling there,
As I breathe in the salty air.

Let me look look look at the ocean,
See the sea and explore,
For it's fun to dive from the top
To the ocean floor!

Take me out to the ocean
Take me out to the sea,
Show me the currents and ocean tides,
Let me see where the seaweed resides!

When you look look look at the ocean,
Look at all it is worth!
For the ocean covers three-fourths
of the entire earth!
~Meish Goldish
Have a blessed week.....Dee Dee

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Pleasures

In the garden, the ultimate in weekend pleasantry.
Mexican Sage, Hibiscus, Crotons and Philodendron.  All doing pretty nice this
time of year.  However, the heat has arrived and temps are creeping
into the high eighties. Soon there will be a battle to keep them irrigated.
Our soil is sandy and the water just runs straight through. Missing
one day can be detrimental to the plants. For now, we are thankful
 the garden is still healthy and we are enjoying all that is lovely about it.
I'm still waiting for the Periwinkles to arrive in the nurseries,
they are drought resistant and add such beauty to all of the garden areas.
*Nature and books belong to the eyes  that see them
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Have a blessed Sabbath.....Dee Dee

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Hat Check Girl......

"Good evening, may I check your hat and coat?"
When I finished the painting, I knew she
had come from  the l940s or 50s.
  She reminded me of  a character in an old
Humphrey Bogart movie. Bogie  has his
signature hat and coat on, walks into
a supper club, there to meet with Lauren Bacall.
Count Basie's orchestra  playing, 
and Billie Holliday is performing.
The "Hat Check Girl" has a  polite look on
her face....however, her job is dull and un-appreciated.
Her career will be short-lived, for one day
men and women will feel it not so fashionable
to wear hats. Ah.... wistful yearnings
for the good ole days, I suppose.
Have a blessed week-end....Dee Dee
click twice on painting to enlarge....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My World....Through Rose-Colored Glasses

*Think On This.......
No one is as generous as our loving God.
When we look around at His amazing creation, we can see
much of His mind and character.
The most evidence of His generosity, however, is
 His gift of salvation.
I'm surrounded with lovely scenery in my little part of the world,
so why not try painting landscapes. Many  Florida homes, as a rule are made of
stucco and painted with various pastel colors.
Tropical plants surround  my little cottage, so I have
beautiful plants for inspiration. In this  painting are
 tall palm trees,  a large white bird of paradise and
lovely and colorful crotons.  The colors are much
bolder than my actual plants.
 I took liberty with the color pink, and turquoise.
The painting  is seemingly my world through rose-colored glasses. 
 Enjoying the moments......Dee Dee

On My Desk To Read

From my hometown  library store.....found today,
in like-new condition.  I consider it a treasure.
The stunning recreation of the much-loved world of
Kenneth Grahame's " The Wind in the Willows"  that
we secretly all know we wanted, but never dared
hope we might find......
William Horwood has brought to life once more the
four most-loved characters in English literature:
the loyal Mole, the resourceful Water Rat, the
stern but wide Badger, and, of course
the exasperating irresistible Toad.

"I am Toad extraordinaire, a magnificent Toad!
None is my equal. What Toad, what creature,
has ever showed such capacity, such expertise,
such brilliance, as I have today?!"
Published in England in 1993, this book was a
resounding success, a bestseller for three months.
-An enchanting, unforgettable novel, enlivened by
delightful illustrations, in which William Horwood
has recaptured all the joy, magic, and good humor
of  L. Grahame's great work.
And...Toad is still as exasperatingly lovable as he ever was.
Amazon's reviews gave five stars!
Patricia Benson's, lovely
illustrations, received five stars from me as well.
I am giddy with anticipation!
Blessings this day for you.....Dee Dee

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bunny Love

 Children's books...
To know me, is to know you might find me at any
given time reading a book for the younger generation.
Makes no difference to me.  I realized while reading
to my grandchildren that I was enjoying the stories
and illustrations as much as they were. 
 I call it treasure hunting,
 when I stop at a yard sale and search through
the books.  Nothing makes my heart much happier than
discovering an older children's book, out of print with
illustrations by a well known artist from days gone by.
 It's happened a
few times.  I usually keep them for myself and glance
through them now and then.  I'll save them for me and one
day pass them on to the children and grandchildren.
Oh yes...."Bunny Love" painting seen here
by me and  of course inspired
by  older book illustrations. 
 Love the clothing style and the button-up shoes.
Enjoying the moments......
Have a blessed day.....Dee Dee

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When I Grow Up.....

Jessie Wilcox Smith her smock

When I  began drawing and painting,
I  very happily discovered 
Jessie Wilcox Smith 1863-1935.
Famous for her work in magazines and for
her illustrations for children's books, Jessie
had remarkable talent.  Many of her books
are in print today, probably bought mostly by adults,
like myself, for the nostalgia.
Many of her illustrations depict moments of
childhood; playing with blocks, fear of the
dark etc.  Jessie Smith changed the
appreciation of children in American culture
by her enormously sympathetic portrayals.
Most likely you've seen her work
When I grow up...I want to be just like
Jessie Wilcox Smith...draw and paint like her and
wear a painting smock just like the one seen
here in her portrait!!!
Have a blessed day......Dee Dee
(aspiring children's book illustrator)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Parade Of Baby Animals....

I've been having fun with pencils and watercolors,
as you can see....a spring parade of baby animals,
each having a story to tell.
Perhaps another book for the grandchildren,
about why we celebrate Easter.
Stay tuned....
Have a blessed week.....Dee Dee

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bleeding Hearts? I Believe So.

I'm not quite sure about this little pot of flowers, new to the garden. 
I have been told they are a variety of the Bleeding Heart plant....perhaps.
  They are quite  lovely and will take the place of my winter Petunias that have gone by
the wayside this week.
  I will miss the Petunias, for  they have bloomed  all winter long.  For now the
garden is surprising us with all sorts of plants leafing out, coming to life.
Awake, thou wintry earth-
Fling off thou sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!
~Thomas Blackburn "An Easter Hymn"
Have a blessed Lord's Day!
......Dee Dee