Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nature Aware Of Calvary's Story?

Calvary's story started in a garden
with choice by a woman and
a man...where the whole human race
found itself in need of grace,
and the story of Calvary began.
~Calvary's Story Musical

"Desert Rose"
We've  been waiting a while for it to bloom.
Finally, this week,  and  the color is fantastic.
After the
 spring rains, it suddenly burst forth with an
abundance of blooms.
I've had Desert Rose, in the past,
and forgotten  how lovely they are.
Although  thinking of the Easter Lily this week,
I'm  happilly satisfied and  thankful for the Desert Rose.
Coincidence??? that it is  now blooming  in time  for this blessed
Holy week? Is nature aware of "Calvary's Story?" Perhaps....
Easter Blessings for everyone.....Dee Dee
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