Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Garden Palms

Washingtonia Palm (Mexican Fan Palm)

Queen Palm
Queen Palms
Lately, we've had trouble keeping the garden tidied up.
Early spring finds the squirrels building nest way
up high in the palm trees, and the evidence is apparent. As
they nibble off  fronds, packing  them into
 massive nesting places, they drop messy scraps all over.
 Herein, lies the problem.Thankfully, faithful tree-trimmer
Wayne, comes to our rescue a couple times a year.
No baby squirrels were found, thank goodness.  Had we
called later, it may not have  been the case.
The palms keep growing taller and taller. The Mister estimates
them at  seventy-plus feet high or more.
It's a little scary watching the ladder
stretched out to it's fullest and  the remaining distance
to the top, by using  ropes and straps. Each year Wayne
does an amazing job.  As I looked up to see his
completed work today, I was  impressed and wondered at
his ability to climb the very tall  Washingtonia palm.  I love
how the fan fronds blow  in the soft warm Florida breezes.
The three Queen palms, planted eight years ago, are
unbelievably tall and beautiful.
Double Click on photos for a closer look, if you like.
Blessings.....Dee Dee