Friday, April 29, 2011

"New Motherhood"

With "Mother's Day" right around the corner,
the subject of my art  is  "new motherhood"  and seems to be
an often and  common utterance in our growing family.
Two new  babies born this past year, making me
 grandmother again and again.
I love it! Keeps me busy creating baby
things. I suppose somewhere in my "gray-matter"
I've been pre- programed to sew.
It comes quite natural and I find it pleasingly enjoyable. 
I've  noticed young mothers today, are not so different
from the way we were.
 They are happily contented and exhausted by days end.
Round the clock they go, at an inexhaustible pace.
It is so true indeed, "mother's work is never done."
You can see, I've begun early drawing and painting
''new mothers" intention to do more. 
Hopefully one painting  will be worthy of adorning
 my Mother's Day cards.
Sweet family and friends....the recipents,
 will again recognize  my simple and
humble efforts.
Enjoying the moments.....Dee Dee