Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Hat Check Girl......

"Good evening, may I check your hat and coat?"
When I finished the painting, I knew she
had come from  the l940s or 50s.
  She reminded me of  a character in an old
Humphrey Bogart movie. Bogie  has his
signature hat and coat on, walks into
a supper club, there to meet with Lauren Bacall.
Count Basie's orchestra  playing, 
and Billie Holliday is performing.
The "Hat Check Girl" has a  polite look on
her face....however, her job is dull and un-appreciated.
Her career will be short-lived, for one day
men and women will feel it not so fashionable
to wear hats. Ah.... wistful yearnings
for the good ole days, I suppose.
Have a blessed week-end....Dee Dee
click twice on painting to enlarge....