Thursday, April 7, 2011

My World....Through Rose-Colored Glasses

*Think On This.......
No one is as generous as our loving God.
When we look around at His amazing creation, we can see
much of His mind and character.
The most evidence of His generosity, however, is
 His gift of salvation.
I'm surrounded with lovely scenery in my little part of the world,
so why not try painting landscapes. Many  Florida homes, as a rule are made of
stucco and painted with various pastel colors.
Tropical plants surround  my little cottage, so I have
beautiful plants for inspiration. In this  painting are
 tall palm trees,  a large white bird of paradise and
lovely and colorful crotons.  The colors are much
bolder than my actual plants.
 I took liberty with the color pink, and turquoise.
The painting  is seemingly my world through rose-colored glasses. 
 Enjoying the moments......Dee Dee