Friday, September 13, 2013

The Crown

Have you noticed the jeweled crowns
that seem to be everywhere these days? 
For some time now, I've observed 
them in the magazines,
specialty shops and home decor.  
I've always thought them attractive, 
but wondered at how one would
place in my cottage home.

I think this one lovely and most 
perfectly suited to me.
 It has a sweet
story as well,  of how she,
my youngest daughter, found one
 for us both.

The best part of this gift, is the giver.

Have a blessed day, everyone.  Dee Dee

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Rome Beauts"

When our family was young, 
we took many road trips into the 
Great Smokey Mountains,  
usually early fall.
  In those days, before interstates,
 the roads were winding and curvy.
  Often times we would stop at 
little mountain roadside stands, 
having been encouraged for 
miles by signs along the
 highway reading... 
"Apples For Sale"

On one such occasion, 
 we met what we thought to be 
a real mountain man.
 He wore coveralls and an old hat,
quite an impression as he
 sat in a strait legged chair,
 leaning against a porch wall. 
He was friendly, 
smiled easily and was generous 
with his stories. 
When asked, he told us his 
favorite apples
were "Rome Beauts."  
He was actually peeling a 
Rome Beauty apple, 
cutting and eating it with his 
pocket knife.
 He described the
flavor and the cooking 
We were sold and  purchased
a full bushel.  Our family has
never forgotten that
Rome Beauties, from
that day on were a favorite
 in our home. 
 They were good just for eating, 
frying with brown sugar, 
butter and cinnamon 
and they made great apple pies. 
We still call them, 
affectionately, "Rome Beauts."

The Mister and I plan to drive up
to the mountains when the leaves begin
changing colors.  There's nothing 
more beautiful to me than fall in 
North Carolina.
Just maybe we'll find a roadside
stand or two selling apples, and the
kind we'll most likely buy will go 
without saying.

Have a sweet ole' day....Dee Dee 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fading Hibiscus

My pink Hibiscus
 hasn't done so well 
this summer.
It's growing in among
 lots of 
tropical plants that are
growing by 
leaps and bounds,
crowding it out.  
So the Hibiscus is struggling to live.
  The blooms are much
and the colors
 variations of pinks.
  When the cooler weather
comes, I will do lots
of trimming
around the plant
and give it a good dose 
of fertilizer.....
give it a few words of 

It's been a long hot summer 
here in Florida,
so I'm hoping for an
 early Autumn.
How about you?

Have a sweet ole' day.....Dee Dee

Friday, September 6, 2013

Volunteer Rooting

All summer long, we've been
 blessed with
an abundance of glorious rain. 
 The Coleus,
have long ago outgrown 
their pots, some 
are over 4 feet tall.  
A few weeks back, I
began pinching off the tops 
that were going
to seed, tossing them beneath
 our yellow
flowering shrubs.  
My thoughts were
  they would become healthy 
natural mulch for the shrubs.

Imagine my surprise
to find the Coleus tops,
had voluntarily
began rooting themselves.

You can see from the photos just how
beautiful they are growing,
sheltered from the hot Florida sun.

So pretty....they have spread  all
in this area.  Love the yellows, greens
and reds together.

Glad you stopped by.  Have a sweet
ole' day.  Dee Dee

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Sweet Blessing

I was out in the garden late 
this afternoon....
during the twilight hour. 
The skies were strangely
beautiful, and I was mesmirized by
the golden clouds, reflecting the last
 of the setting sun.

I think it a sweet blessing and my
good fortune to have noticed 
 a fluttering movement in my 
peripheral vision. 

No further than a foot away from me 
was a beautiful little Hummingbird, gathering
nectar deep inside a Mandevilla flower. 

 In a matter of 
moments, those fast moving wings carried
our little garden visitor away.

I'm glad you stopped by.....Dee Dee

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Late Summer's Images

I love changing of the seasons.  No matter
what part of the world we find ourselves in,
God has prepared quite an amazing show
for us all.  The Island is my favorite place
to visit late summer.

Beautiful Golden Rod 
sways in
the tropical breezes.
The bees were covering the delicate 
yellow flowers, gathering sweet nectar.
Honeymoon Island
has protected land and nature 
thrives there.

We have a variety of Crotons that add such
beautiful colors to our garden.

I found lovely plants growing 
along the shores of 
Lake Tarpon. So much life found in this 
one little area. I suppose, with a closer look
 I might see hundreds of tiny little
water creatures swimming about.

I'm glad you stopped by.
Have a sweet ole' day!  Dee Dee

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mozart and Violet

I'm listening to Mozart's Spring Quintet K614
as I type my post for today.  Nothing could be
more pleasing to me....a reminder of the more
recent festivities.

Mozart's genius could be heard drifting
among the guest, the garden flowers and then
was stolen by the wind and taken into eternity.

I determined then I would always
speak of Mozart and sweet Violet together.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!  Dee Dee

Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day

I ran a few errands earlier in the day.  The roads
were congested with traffic, the mall parking areas
were packed and the stores I stopped into were filled
with shoppers.  
Workers are taking advantage of a
three day weekend in all sorts of different ways.
I can remember when this day was our one last
hurrah of summer, for the children were back in
school.  The causeway and beaches are packed
on this day with families having picnics, 
boating, fishing and just plain ole 
having fun together.
I hope they've all left their electronic gadgets at
home, and are having good old fashioned family
Around our place, the young folks
are boating, diving and spear fishing. The menu
for Labor Day will consist of Hogfish and Grouper.

So you all enjoy!   .....Dee Dee

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Beautiful small coastal church, 
not far from my home.  The Gulf
waters can be seen from the church yard.
The day I took this photo, the sun was
shining beautifully, with not a cloud in the sky.
 I watched, as a lone Osprey set high  in a tree. 
 The only sounds were
those of the waters as they came onto shore.

"The Christian life is not a constant high,
I have my moments of deep discouragement.
I have to go to God in prayer with tears in my
eyes, and say, Dear God, forgive me, or help me."
~Billy Graham

Be encouraged this day.  God is still in charge,
 love's us and hears our heart cries.  
Have a blessed Lord's day. Dee Dee