Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Rome Beauts"

When our family was young, 
we took many road trips into the 
Great Smokey Mountains,  
usually early fall.
  In those days, before interstates,
 the roads were winding and curvy.
  Often times we would stop at 
little mountain roadside stands, 
having been encouraged for 
miles by signs along the
 highway reading... 
"Apples For Sale"

On one such occasion, 
 we met what we thought to be 
a real mountain man.
 He wore coveralls and an old hat,
quite an impression as he
 sat in a strait legged chair,
 leaning against a porch wall. 
He was friendly, 
smiled easily and was generous 
with his stories. 
When asked, he told us his 
favorite apples
were "Rome Beauts."  
He was actually peeling a 
Rome Beauty apple, 
cutting and eating it with his 
pocket knife.
 He described the
flavor and the cooking 
We were sold and  purchased
a full bushel.  Our family has
never forgotten that
Rome Beauties, from
that day on were a favorite
 in our home. 
 They were good just for eating, 
frying with brown sugar, 
butter and cinnamon 
and they made great apple pies. 
We still call them, 
affectionately, "Rome Beauts."

The Mister and I plan to drive up
to the mountains when the leaves begin
changing colors.  There's nothing 
more beautiful to me than fall in 
North Carolina.
Just maybe we'll find a roadside
stand or two selling apples, and the
kind we'll most likely buy will go 
without saying.

Have a sweet ole' day....Dee Dee