Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Pines

I love this painting by David Armstrong.
Seems like a peaceful place to sit and paint.
Reminds me of a walk in the 
Adirondack mountains.  You won't walk
too  far in any direction, till you  
 come to a creek or a babbling brook.
Now, most likely, the story of the painting
 didn't happen this way,
 but in my imagination,
I can just see the artist, Mr Armstrong
thinking to himself upon completion
of the painting.....
Hmmm.....needs more color. That's
when he plunked that big ole
orange pumpkin upon that stump,
and then, named the painting
"Pumpkin Pines"
Good name and suits it,
don't you think?
Have a blessed day....Dee Dee

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lot To Be Thankful For

Odd how this little cluster of Hydrangea dried
all on it's own, without any 
coaxing from me.  It  stayed in a little crystal
bowl with a small amount of water
for a good while.
Today I noticed it there beside the teapot.
Kinda like it was minding it's own business,
knowing it's transformation would allow it
to stick around my kitchen a while longer.
And so it shall.....
I'm glad it's Sunday.  Got lots to pray about and
somehow it seems when I'm in God's house
with other Christians praying along side me,
I just feel comforted and encouraged a whole lot more.
Also got a lot to be thankful for and
I'll tell Him that too.....
Praying for grace.....Dee Dee

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Flowers Brighten The Room

No matter what the weather's doing
outside, flowers on the inside can
brighten a room and lift one's spirits.
  We've had one
of those cloudy dreary days....
you know, when it drizzles every
now and then, but never comes to fruition
as a good ole rain.
But that's just fine with me, I used the
time for studying. The house was
real quiet.....
The Mr was going over
a few news websites, catching up on
worrisome world matters. I could hear
him mumbling and complaining now and then.
You know,
I've been thinking........
There comes a time when we just
have to believe that all things are
in God's hands.
Have a blessed weedend....Dee Dee

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tired Little Flower Girl

Weddings can be exhausting for
younger children.
Not long ago, my cousin
was married in an elaborate
wedding in upstate New York.
The reception was held at
 the country club, mostly
decorated for the gentleman
in mind.
Amongst the photos sent to me.....
 a young lady,
lying on a massive brown
leather sofa.
She was lovely lying there,
in her chiffon teal blue dress,
with a ribbon adorning her long
blond hair.
I like that she completed  her
"Flower Girl"  attire, with the
color teal painted on the tips
of each finger.
Can you believe it's Friday?
Busy weekend planned....
Blessings....Dee Dee

Thursday, October 27, 2011


"The Ballet Class"
Kids: they dance before they learn there
is anything that isn't music.~William Stafford
 Having one of those relaxing
days, when nothing's on the calendar...
a "free day"! As you can see,
I gravitated toward the paints.
Easy southern fall dinner planned....
"chicken and dumplings"
salad with "Country Boy"
Greek dressing......
pumpkin pie for desert.
Enjoying these sweet moments....Dee Dee

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


For fall landscaping.....
the Marigold is traditional,
 someplace in my garden.

I'm ready
 to redo my large pots, replenishing them
with peat moss, potting soil and top soil.
A big do-over.....  I'm thinking
rich colored flowers,  beginning with
for fall through Thanksgiving. 
Going to be real pretty, look
for a future post.
Are you having a good week?
I hope so.....Dee Dee

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Thankful For........

I'm thankful for
 dear friends
that have
moved away,
 still seem
like  they live right
next door.
I called her on my way
to Bible study tonight.
She, too
was on her way to Bible study,
we were
miles and miles apart.
I'm thankful for cell phones,
with unlimited minutes,
so we can talk and laugh
forever and ever.
I'm thankful that
my friend and I can
talk often,
about things that are
and, sometimes,
about things
that are 

Tonight we laughed about
plaid high top tennis shoes.
I'm thankful for my
friend Bonnie.......Dee Dee

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Choir

"The Village Choir"....John Watkins Chapman
Choir practice will begin earlier from now on,
 lasting till mid December.
 We're  in the beginning preparation stages 
for our Christmas musical
"O Holy Night."
Thankfully, our otherwise small choir, grows in size
this time of year, as our northern visitors return.
We are a greatly ambitious group, 
when it comes to
making a joyful noise unto the Lord.
One of many sopranos, things are
coming along quite nicely with my portion
of this beautiful cantata. Lots of singing
and humming around the cottage these days.
The music...
lovely,  traditional
and familiar, will be well received
and appreciated by our
 "Emmanuel Emmanuel....
 God in carnate here to dwell......"
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Blessed are they who see beautiful
things in humble places
where other people see nothing.
Have a wonderful Lord's day....Dee Dee

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Food For Thought

Isn't it splendid to think of all the things
there are to find out about?
It just makes me feel glad to be alive....
it's such an interesting world.
It wouldn't be half so interesting
if we knew all about everything,
would it?
There'd be no scope for imagination
then, would there?
~Lucy Maud Montgomery
Photo taken on Honeymoon Island.
Lots of  pathways  leading to the water.....
 vines  growing all
over the place.
Love those big ole pinkish purple blooms.....
The water's color?.....Yes, it's
turquoise/green .... aqua.
So pretty......Master Artist made
it that way, you know.
Shells seem more plentiful  this year,
I wonder why?
Now that the weather has cooled
I  hope to spend
more time with my camera
out on the island.
Look for His blessings this weekend....
They're plentiful.....Dee Dee

Friday, October 21, 2011

Olivia and the Dandelions.....

She sat  in 
green grass,
pulling up
 She held  a stem
in her hand. 
The remains
of a golden
on the ground
around her.
Sweet blessings.....Dee Dee

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Everyone Knows About Autumn......

The air is cool as an old coin teaspoon,
and a faint tang of blue woodsmoke
spices the wind.  The color of the great
sugar maples give forth light, like closer suns.
The oaks glow with a garnet fire, and all the
thickets blaze with scarlets and pale gold and
cinnamon.  It is like the music of a trumpet.
~Stillmeadow Daybook-Taber
Sweet October thoughts.....
Now's the time for sweet potatoes, greens,
butternuts and acorn squash. Cornbread
completes the flavors. 
I've been thinking about the pecans on
my friend Bonnie's trees.  Will there be
any left after the squirrels store their
share away for winter?  I hope so.
Hmmm....pecan pie for the holidays.
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Pumpkin Patch"

I've become accustomed
 to our village
having  large tents
spring up all over,
this time of year.
Some have lights
strung from
post to post
so that
lined  in  rows, 
can be seen from
 far away.
The signs read
 "Pumpkin Patch"
and so they are
accepted as such.
Sweet blessings for you
dear family and friends......Dee Dee

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Place-Occupied

I walked along the northern
part of the island, finding shallow
pools and Sea Grape trees
dotting the landscap.
 A storm was brewing out in the waters.
The sea gulls and other small birds
were having trouble keeping their
 I was content, allowing my
cotton tresses to flail about,
as I felt the coolness of the
autumn wind against my skin. 
 I saught santuary, as 
I walked toward the swing.
A  secluded place, 
special to me,
I found it this time
She set  in my place.
When the storm came,
would she talk to Him
where she could see
His power
 with her own eyes?
She sat 
 on sturdy
wooden planks
 that would
withstand the
 physical storm,
 the rain water  
to consume her
heavy thoughts
 as she formed
them into
Blessings....Dee Dee

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bowl Of Hydrangea

A closer examination of this Hydrangea bloom,
yields some tiny individual florets, all
working in unison.
 All joined together for one
Now, succeeding in providing
beauty to a small space...
I hope your having a good day.....Dee Dee

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Village Annual Antique Show

We arrived bright and early,
hoping to scope all the shops
quickly, before the crowds arrived.
I suppose years of buying and
selling antiques, we're well aware that
the dealers arrive early, and get
the "good stuff."
The weather was amazingly beautiful,
just cool enough for a light sweater.
"Hey, how are you? Glad to see you
again this year....I've got some things
I think you'll like."  "We're looking for
old doll houses and  old number stamps,
have any?"

We saw lots of old familiar faces. They've
been there for the past fifteen years
or so.  More continuity of tradition
I look forward to,  wouldn't be the same
without them when we come to the
antique show each fall.

"Don't be anxious Mom, and I'll see if
I can get him to reduce the prices."
We spotted them at the same time,
and really wanted them....for a good price.
What coastal cottage kitchen couldn't
use a few more white porcelain pieces?
I wanted the bowl and she wanted
the large white dish pan.

Seasoned shoppers, loving
the bargain game, again we
brought home good treasure,
and best of all, lasting sweet memories.
Have a nice Lord's day.....Dee Dee

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lot's Goin' On......

Early fall in Safety Harbor,
a quiet little coastal village
not far from my home. Love
coming to this place, so do
other folks.  You see them
on park benches, fishing
from the  pier, riding bikes and
even taking photos like me.
Busy weekend planned,
celebratory birthday dinner tonight.
Table's all decorated ,
menu planned  to reflect
fall.  Getting up bright and
early in the morning to get
first dibs on treasures found
at our village antique show.
Hope to make that ladies
luncheon at church around
Lovin'  these kinds of days.....
You have a real nice weekend....Dee Dee

Friday, October 14, 2011


I've been listening to some pretty
amazing piano music on my blog
playlist for several weeks now,
by one Michael Nyman.  Not just
any ole piano music, I thought
to myself.  Someplace, somehow,
as good fortune would have it,
I heard his music. Almost in
an instance, I wanted to
hear more and know about
this "piano player"
this Michael Nyman?

I soon  found that 
Mr Nyman is no ordinary
piano player. He is one of Britain's
most innovative and celebrated
performers, and conductor.  He is
indeed a pianist, author, musicologist,
photographer and film-maker.
While doing my research, I became
a little more than impressed by the
talent of one, whom
I first thought to be,
"piano player."
Find his music on my playlist and
have a listen if you like. 
Blessings......Dee Dee

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Washed Ashore From The Gulf

I could walk each day along the
shore, and never tire of looking
for treasure.  Each moment of the
day, waves crash to shore,
bringing with them,  new and interesting
items.  Some are living and some
once housed living creatures.

I love looking for shells..... It is after a hard
rain or storm at sea, that  I've found the
most beautiful and unusual.
Seaweed lies all along the beach, in
various colors and designs....
Even in death, the crab is a
beautiful creature to examine.

Tiny sea creatures come ashore
in the waves,
delicacies and good
food for the Sand Piper. 
We're still going out to the island,
almost daily, now that the weather
has cooled off some.  It's a place that has
just about everything one needs for peace of
mind, rest and relaxation. I'm thinking of
bringing along my pencils to do a bit
of sketching on our next trip out.
Might even sketch the Mister fishing.....or
might even sketch the Mister catching a fish!!!
Have a blessed day everyone....Dee Dee

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Morning's Garden Images

Two large Hibiscus blooms,
showing off proudly,
greeted us early this morning
in the garden.
There is something quite
remarkable about
all that is happening in nature,
as we watch the
transition from summer
to fall foilage.  The Nandina
plants are growing taller
it seems, and the new
growth of leaves are
tinted red. Before long
the Camellia bush will
have red blooms as well,
and plenty,  for it is covered
with buds.
Click on the collage twice to pretty.
Have a blessed day.....Dee Dee

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Spy A Great Blue Heron

An absolutely gorgeous,
sunny windy day......perfect for
visiting  the island, walking on the beach,
and exploring  a bit of nature.
Once on the island, we drove
along slowly
hoping to see wildlife.
We were blessed beyond you can see
by the photos.
At first glance,  this big guy
blended in with the grasses and
reeds.....We stopped the car
and waited a moment or two...
and then he poked his head out,
just enough for me to see him.
"Oh my, it's a 
Great Blue Heron, Honey," I whispered.
Slowly this magnificent bird  moved along, focused
totally on his hunting skills.....

Kinda took my breath away as
he eventually  moved into my view.
Oh, how lovely is the earth this day;
She parades her beauty before my eyes.
If I had only been given gossamer wings,
I'd go dancing with the butterflies.
~Barbara Ray
Hmmm....stumbling over all sorts of
His blessings today.....Dee Dee

Monday, October 10, 2011

"I Want To Be A Fireman"

Most children like to play
and the holiday coming up
soon, affords just such an
Recalling that last year,
three year old Isaac
dressed as a fireman,
gave inspiration for this
little rainy day painting.
Enjoying the moments that make
the sweetest memories.....Dee Dee
click twice on painting to enlarge

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Faith Of A Child

This is a beautiful painting
by Kathryn Fincher.
  I love everything about it.
The lovely soft
muted colors of the distant window,
stained glass, cut in jeweled pieces,
portraying  Jesus the Shepherd.
 The curiously adoring  face of  the girl child,
reminds me of His spoken words....
"Suffer the little children to come unto me"
Then I see
 the sweet faith of the child,
for she wears a cross,
and carefully holds the
Holy Bible,
God's Word,  in her hand.
Blessings this Lord's day.....Dee Dee

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Judah's Pumpkin.....

This is a sweet time of year. Lots
of the churches in our area have
pumpkin patches.  Nothing
brightens a child's face more
than running through the pumpkins
looking for just  the right one for
that  Halloween jack-o-lantern.
Here, Judah  has found one
almost as big as he is.
Hmmm....enjoying the sights
and sounds of autumn.....Dee Dee

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Far From Home

The Dusty Moorhen
We found them at the park.
While taking photos of waterlilies along
the water's edge, these little guys
came swimming by. They had no concern
for me as I zoomed in close with
my camera lens.
The Dusty Moorhens
 are  found in wetlands, and
swamps, reeds, rushes and
waterlilies. Yes, that is where
I had  found them, but why were
they so far from their native
home of Austrailia?
You know, I'm becoming quite
a lover of all that  is part of nature.
We live in such a beautiful and
amazing world, and I never
cease to be amazed
 by the wonders of God.
Have a blessed day....Dee Dee

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Park Today

    Cooler days now here,
we were out and about today, 
 looking  for a bit of 
Florida's scenic beauty....
in a beautiful  natural park.
We set out walking on our own, and
as you can see in my photos
we were joined by others along the way.

We saw lots of these yellow flowers,
along the water's edge,
 surrounded by tall slender
cat tails reeds.

This little grey squirrel  walked right up to
the Mister, perhaps expecting to be fed.....

The sign warned us of alligators......
no sign, however, warned of the ant bed I stood
in to take this photo. Very quickly,
 I learned of their location.
We had been mostly alone for our walk
in the park......until this little deer family came
along.  They acknowledged us and we
quietly enjoyed their presence.
This was the highlight of our day.....

They were absolutely beautiful ....standing
in tall green grasses with a bit of sun
splashing through the tree branches onto them....
Having no fear of us, they continued to and then they looked our way.
I'm thinking the Mister and I just
had a  glimpse of heaven today.....
the park was so "Eden" like.
Sigh.......Dee Dee

The Last Of The Crape Myrtles

....have given us fall colors......
Out and about in the garden
this gorgeous fall day,
with more tidying up to do,
 when I noticed sadly,
the crape myrtles
are just about finished
for the season.

The tiny leaves of the 
myrtles are as close
as we come, in my
Florida garden,
to having
 colored leaves. 
One has to get
up close to the
 trees to see all
that is taking place,
as they prepare
for winter.
I'm loving the golden
pinks and red colors.

I'm looking spellbound
as nature weaves
tiny and beautiful
tinted leaves.
Have a blessed day.....Dee Dee

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Because He Just Knew

A fall bouquet
 surprise from
my beloved,
he just knew
it would
make me
and he's
 that kind of guy....
Have a blessed day......Dee Dee

Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Trimming

Late afternoon.....
the Mister is
still working on
fall trimming project.
The cooler weather....
anticipated,  came to
Florida's Gulf Coast
this weekend.
When that happens,
it is the custom around
our place, to begin
our fall trimming
and tidying up of the garden.
The Mister began with
the tangerine/lemon tree.
I think he's done a
wonderful job.....
the tree
 the focal point
in the courtyard. comes the
raking and placing fresh
pine straw around the shrubs.....
.....and then.....
Loving this time of year......Dee Dee

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Watercolors and Pencils...

I am continually inspired
when I see
 at work,
and especially
at play. 
They see the world
through rose colored glasses,
as the old saying goes.
It takes
so little
 to make
a child happy.
Such is the case,
on this day,
when Wyatt
was taken
for a walk in the
 fall leaves

and given a large red apple

to eat. 
Without any
hesitation at all,
he sat down
on the ground,
next to a
 bright orange
and took a great big
juicy bite from
the apple.
And so,
the story goes......
Are you having a good weekend?
I hope so.....Dee Dee