Friday, May 31, 2013

Opportunities Everywhere

Embrace the wonder and excitement 
each day brings.
For tomorrow affords us new 
opportunities.....time to
experience....time to create....time to reflect 
and time to dream. ~K. Williams

I like that.....time to create, for today I am
making sweet necklaces .

Found image on Google......I love this sweet
and oh so feminine necklace. 
Off to Michaels and Joann's to shop.....

Have a sweet ole' day, everyone.  Dee Dee

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Storm's A Comin'

For the past few weeks, the meteorologists have been giving
out instructions for hurricane preparedness. June l begins our
hurricane season here in Florida.  That means we keep
plenty of water on hand, lots of batteries for the radio, and foods
that need no refrigeration.  If and when the warnings come for 
evacuation, we have our route memorized and will get out of town
quickly. Most folks living on the Gulf Coast of Florida are at ready for
just such occasions, having gained bits of wisdom from past storm
threats. Seems these days, natural disasters can happen just about
anywhere and disaster ready is a good idea for everyone.

The weather is not ours to control, but God's.  We need to give
thanks for the daily blessings God offers us...rain that keeps wells
and reservoirs filled or sunshine for a special outing.  When the
weather doesn't go "our way," we can still thank God that 
He's in control.

Sweet Blessings......Dee Dee

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The Oleanders are in full bloom all over the county.  Especially
noticeable on the drive out to Honeymoon Island.  Each time
we've seen them, I've  had no camera or the time of day was wrong.
The photos seen here were taken a while back, and worth another look.

The last photo seen here, is a favorite.  Notice the various
colors.....they were absolutely gorgeous. 
If you see the Oleander along the beach, use caution......
for the blooms are poisonous and not recommended for home gardens.

Have a sweet ole' day everyone!  Dee Dee

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mandevilla Plants

I've been in the garden quite a lot this weekend.
The temps here in Florida have reached to the mid 80s
and promise to reach 90 sometime this coming week.
To have any kind of garden with extremes in the weather,
I've discovered one has to keep a close eye on every little
thing.....such as watering needs, fungus, pest etc.
I water the garden daily, sometimes twice, depending
on the heat index.  Today I sprayed a Knockout Rose
with a fungus treatment.  Just crept up on me and having taken
 no notice, it had made quite a coverage on the leaves.

I've selected photos of the Mandevilla hanging baskets that,
as you can see, are flourishing. 
 By mid summer, they should be cascading
quite a long way down the sides of the baskets.
These are heat tolerant and  a good thing. Here, you can
see how lovely they are and, that they are covered with
new buds. I have no favorite between them, both the
the white and pink are  "beauty exceptional."

I'm glad you stopped by and......I hope you have
a blessed summer day!  Dee Dee

Monday, May 27, 2013

They Fought And Died For Our Freedoms

Guard against the impostures of patriotism....~George Washington
God bless America, land that I love, stand beside her and guide her.....

Have a blessed Memorial Day, sweet family and friends.  Dee Dee

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Accomplishments From Divine Guidance

Once upon a time, America elected a great leader,
a great President named Ronald Reagan.

When's the last time you heard this kind of language
from America's leaders?  It's been a long time for me.

How long will this way of life go on in America before the mistakes
are realized? How long till America recognizes the consequences
for these mistakes?

Ronald Reagan knew the consequences of immorality
when he said....   "We must have the courage to do what is
morally right."  

Where did Ronald Reagan find his strength?  I'm encouraged as I read 
that Reagan's greatest virtue wasn't allegiance to country,

I'm encouraged as I read, how Reagan bravely fought
for school prayer, pro-life initiatives and other controversial 
issues. How I admire this beautiful man, whose
 greatest political advisor was the one true, living God.

In these troubled times, I recommend for peace of mind,
Hand Of Providence by Mary Beth Brown.

Have a blessed weekend.....Dee Dee

Friday, May 24, 2013


I can remember a time when we couldn't wait
to join the many others on the beach.  When 
weather permitted, we drove to the beach
and literally raced to the warm Gulf waters.
These day, however, the Mister and I are 
contented to sit beneath our beach umbrella, 
watching sweet families and children.....

I love the sea of blue and white umbrellas seen
in this photo taken last summer at Clearwater Beach.

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not;
but remember that what you now have was once among the
things only hoped for. ~Epicurus

Have a sweet ole' day, everyone.  Dee Dee

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pink Peace Lily

Early spring, I brought this beautiful Peace Lily home
with intentions were to have it in our living room.
It looked amazing, for a while.  I knew the symptoms 
as it's beauty faded. It needed more light.  So...out to the porch
 it went and in no time at all it regained it's rich green 
colored leaves and.... began producing new pink blooms. 
 I've learned that the Peace Lily likes it's rooting
system damp and the leaf colors fade if not kept that way.

The first image seen here is a new bloom.....I love watching
the progression as the bloom develops.

When completed, the Peace Lily bloom looks like this......

You can see how sprawling the Lily is while producing
tall lanky stems.  Perhaps the porch is the better
place for Peace Lily, after all.

Glad you stopped by today.....have a sweet ole' day.  Dee Dee

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Think Yellow

We've had afternoon rain showers for the past
few days, and the flowers in  our garden are loving it!
New to our garden this summer is a lemon colored Hibiscus.
It had several blooms today and plenty of buds that will
keep the blooming continuing.....a good thing.

In between raindrops, I took photos.  Hard to believe
mid May and we are still having cooler breezes each evening.
With Hibiscus blooms waving around, I was glad for stop action
setting on my camera. The lighting after the rain was perfect.

Early spring, I planted a Croton, surrounded by
pansies in a large pot. Normally, the pansies would have dried
and faded away by now.  My effort to keep them
alive by placing them in filtered light has allowed us to
enjoy them a good while longer.

This, most likely, will be my last posting on these sweet
smiling faces......

However many blessings we expect from God, His 
infinite liberality will always exceed all our wishes
and our thoughts. ~John Calvin

I'm glad you stopped by....have a sweet ole' day. Dee Dee

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Honeymoon Island Images..... Today

There's something about the Island that is therapeutic.
Could be the sound of the Gulf waves,
or just the lovely solitude the south beach offers. We have
our favorite places on the Island ......the photos I took today
offer a glimpse into our island paradise.....

Looking down as I walked, I could see new Sea Grape plants growing.....
ahead I could see how majestic is God's World.

The Gulf waters were absolutely gorgeous today......

Thanking God for happy coincidences and days when
things just seem to fall into place.

Have a blessed day, everyone......Dee Dee

Monday, May 20, 2013

Climbing Rose Blooming

When I purchased this beautiful climbing Rose,
it had clusters of gorgeous blooms.  They were
multicolored, like nothing I had seen before.
I posted on the Rose, showing the blooms off, even
before it was planted. When planting, I followed
the directions completely, using the very best
Miracle Grow soil.  Can I just
a "Star" is blooming in my garden!

and.....the camera loves what the lens are seeing.

This was taken in early morning sunlight......

The Mister counted 14 buds on this small Rose bush.......
As it grows, I will train it to cover an arched trellis.

Stay tuned....this will not be the last posting on 
our new climbing Rose showing.

And everything is worth its while if we only grasp
it and its significance. ~Charles Cherbuliez

Have a sweet ole' day!  Dee Dee
click on images to enlarge

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pink In The Garden

Now that the pink Hibiscus are blooming, we seem
to have the color pink scattered from one end of our
garden to the other. You can see how our plants
are much congested....this is intentional, allowing 
for a lush tropical garden.  The White Bird of Paradise
was trimmed early spring, and already they are 
growing to extreme.

Originally we planted a "fountain" Hibiscus
in this location.  Years of growing has allowed
the branches to drape all throughout the other
plants.  I love how at random I can see pink
Hibiscus blooms.  Here they are draped over 
a Nandina bush.

For a long while, we watched the Knockout Rose
bloom.  It was lovely to see, however, it remained
small.  Perhaps the elements during the winter were
exactly what the Rose needed, for it has grown lovely,
much fuller and as you can see,  taller. 

These photos I took early this morning. The
day began with a gorgeous sunrise....
Mid-day the pool and garden were filled with
the laughter of children.....
Evening and the garden was quiet once again......

Take one thing with another, and the world
is a pretty good sort of world, and it is our duty 
to make the best of it and be thankful.
~Benjamin Franklin

Have a blessed Lord's day, everyone.......Dee Dee

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blooming In My Garden

Late afternoon I walked in our small garden.
So many things beginning to bloom and I 
love the new colors added this week.
The climbing Rose is producing clusters of blooms......

I've planted new Thryallis .  Soon
the pink Crape Myrtle will bloom next
to it and the combination will be beautiful...

It's called Princess Flower (Tibochina) and 
should bloom year round here in Florida....
I'm grateful it is an evergreen shrub......the 
first ever blooming in my garden.

And, of course the Coleus are making
a wonderful presentation this years.  You
might see me posting on them for as long
as they remain so pretty.

Glad you stopped by....have a most perfect day!  Dee Dee

Friday, May 17, 2013


Dear majestic you seem perched in the tree.

You are blessed to live in this island paradise, protected
by laws of the land.  How beautiful are your natural
surroundings and how I envy your view from the tall pine.

This time of year mated Ospreys are providing for 
newly hatched little ones.  Fish is their mainstay.
Honeymoon Island is a most perfect place for a family.

This fine bird sat for several photos....such a beautiful creature.
Click on photos to enlarge.....

Have a beautiful day, everyone.  Dee Dee 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring Baby

Baby birds born in Florida, sometimes look a
little different......

Such is the case here.....a young
 Roseate Spoonbill. 
 I've become quite the
bird watcher thanks to Cornell University. 
will take you to a
newly hatched Blue Heron, Red Tailed Hawks
hatchlings and nesting Ospreys. will love watching.

Have a wonderful day.....Dee Dee

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I've noticed this plant before, but never
brought it home with me.  Mother's Day, 
I was presented with a lovely Kalanchoe
by young daughter.  
The succulent leaves produce flowers in 
shades of red, pink, salmon, white, orange and
yellow when it blooms and interesting foliage
with the blooms fade.

The blooms are delicate and small....just like her.
Given with sweetness and love, 
I'm hoping to have this pretty plant around for 
a long while.....

Lovin' the moments.....Dee Dee 
click on images to enlarge

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stopped By To Say Hello

Our front door, from top to bottom, is 
made with beveled glass window panes. 
 In the center of the door is one clear beveled 
square. From the outside, one's reflection
can be seen in the door panes. 
This morning, we had visitors enjoying
their reflections in our front door.
Our initial view from inside, was the face of
one very curious peacock.....and then 
there were more.
These beautiful birds, four in number,
were fascinated
with their own images and stayed at our
door for quite some time.  Eventually
they flew up to the roof of our cottage,
then into other neighborhood yards.
Seen here, are photos taken through
the clear square in the center of our door.
Note the beveled areas around photos,
making for interesting images.

We determined there were two males and
two females.  Impressed with their
colors, we thought them absolutely gorgeous.

I'm glad you stopped by today as well.

Sweet blessings for all.....Dee Dee

Monday, May 13, 2013


Mother's Day love came packaged in long
stems of lavender Roses.

All the flowers God has made are beautiful.....
The rose in its glory and the lily in its whiteness
do not rob the tiny violet of its sweet smell, or 
the daisy of its charming simplicity.
~Therese Of Liseuux

Have a wonderful week....Dee Dee