Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pink Peace Lily

Early spring, I brought this beautiful Peace Lily home
with intentions were to have it in our living room.
It looked amazing, for a while.  I knew the symptoms 
as it's beauty faded. It needed more light.  So...out to the porch
 it went and in no time at all it regained it's rich green 
colored leaves and.... began producing new pink blooms. 
 I've learned that the Peace Lily likes it's rooting
system damp and the leaf colors fade if not kept that way.

The first image seen here is a new bloom.....I love watching
the progression as the bloom develops.

When completed, the Peace Lily bloom looks like this......

You can see how sprawling the Lily is while producing
tall lanky stems.  Perhaps the porch is the better
place for Peace Lily, after all.

Glad you stopped by today.....have a sweet ole' day.  Dee Dee