Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mandevilla Plants

I've been in the garden quite a lot this weekend.
The temps here in Florida have reached to the mid 80s
and promise to reach 90 sometime this coming week.
To have any kind of garden with extremes in the weather,
I've discovered one has to keep a close eye on every little
thing.....such as watering needs, fungus, pest etc.
I water the garden daily, sometimes twice, depending
on the heat index.  Today I sprayed a Knockout Rose
with a fungus treatment.  Just crept up on me and having taken
 no notice, it had made quite a coverage on the leaves.

I've selected photos of the Mandevilla hanging baskets that,
as you can see, are flourishing. 
 By mid summer, they should be cascading
quite a long way down the sides of the baskets.
These are heat tolerant and  a good thing. Here, you can
see how lovely they are and, that they are covered with
new buds. I have no favorite between them, both the
the white and pink are  "beauty exceptional."

I'm glad you stopped by and......I hope you have
a blessed summer day!  Dee Dee