Monday, May 6, 2013

Yellow Beach Cactus Bloom

We drove out to Honeymoon Island today,
heading straight to our favorite unexplored
location...Growing on the pathway leading to the
Gulf waters, we came upon this
beautiful blooming cactus.

Knowing so little of the cactus, I turned
to my Merriam-Webster dictionary..... 

finding it  a drought resistant flowering plant,
having succulent stems and leaves with prickles.

I have, however encountered prickly nettles
and thistles in my fingers.....perhaps in my youth.
Once pricked by the cactus, I learned of it's
warning and danger.

Today I stood my distance from the beautiful
cactus adorned with thorns and yellow flowers,
while taking numerous photos. Seen here are a
few of my favorites.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.   Dee Dee