Thursday, May 30, 2013

Storm's A Comin'

For the past few weeks, the meteorologists have been giving
out instructions for hurricane preparedness. June l begins our
hurricane season here in Florida.  That means we keep
plenty of water on hand, lots of batteries for the radio, and foods
that need no refrigeration.  If and when the warnings come for 
evacuation, we have our route memorized and will get out of town
quickly. Most folks living on the Gulf Coast of Florida are at ready for
just such occasions, having gained bits of wisdom from past storm
threats. Seems these days, natural disasters can happen just about
anywhere and disaster ready is a good idea for everyone.

The weather is not ours to control, but God's.  We need to give
thanks for the daily blessings God offers us...rain that keeps wells
and reservoirs filled or sunshine for a special outing.  When the
weather doesn't go "our way," we can still thank God that 
He's in control.

Sweet Blessings......Dee Dee