Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pink In The Garden

Now that the pink Hibiscus are blooming, we seem
to have the color pink scattered from one end of our
garden to the other. You can see how our plants
are much congested....this is intentional, allowing 
for a lush tropical garden.  The White Bird of Paradise
was trimmed early spring, and already they are 
growing to extreme.

Originally we planted a "fountain" Hibiscus
in this location.  Years of growing has allowed
the branches to drape all throughout the other
plants.  I love how at random I can see pink
Hibiscus blooms.  Here they are draped over 
a Nandina bush.

For a long while, we watched the Knockout Rose
bloom.  It was lovely to see, however, it remained
small.  Perhaps the elements during the winter were
exactly what the Rose needed, for it has grown lovely,
much fuller and as you can see,  taller. 

These photos I took early this morning. The
day began with a gorgeous sunrise....
Mid-day the pool and garden were filled with
the laughter of children.....
Evening and the garden was quiet once again......

Take one thing with another, and the world
is a pretty good sort of world, and it is our duty 
to make the best of it and be thankful.
~Benjamin Franklin

Have a blessed Lord's day, everyone.......Dee Dee