Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disney World....A Birthday Celebration

Can you  imagine being six years old
and spending your birthday at Disney World?
At the crack of dawn we were up and ready
for the drive across the state to celebrate
our grandson Ethan's sixth birthday.
The day was perfect.  Seems small children
go right along at the same pace as  their
We kinda liked  their choices of entertainment.......
Winnie The Pooh, Carousel Of  Progress, the parades,
and performances in front of Cinderella's Castle, and
many many other fantastic forms of entertainment.
We loved the characters, the music and dancing in the street.
We were thankful for the "Fast Pass" tickets.  No waiting
in line. 
We had lunch at a very nice place, selected by our
son-in-law....... the occasion called for good food
and cake for a special little boy.
If I said we were tired this evening, it would be an
understatement.  We are completely exhausted!
While looking over the photos, shown here are
just a few......we liked the expressions on
the children's faces most of all.
Disney World is the best, when your holding
the hand of a happy child.
Have a blessed week......Dee Dee
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet Me For Tea

I'll have a blue hat on......
We'll have unhurried conversation.
Share book titles, talk girlie things  and laugh a little.
Laughter is the language of the young at heart.
And you know what?  You don't have to be
happy to laugh.  You become happy
because you laugh. ~Barbara Johnson

Have a blessed day......Dee Dee

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Love A Rainy Day......

It has rained all day long, and I love it!
It began during the night with loud  thunder,
 lightening, high winds and hard rain.
The best kind of rain, of course is a cozy rain.
This is the kind the anonymous medieval poet
makes me remember, the rain that falls on a day
when you'd  just as soon stay in bed a little longer,
write letters or read a good book by the fire,
take early tea with hot scones, and jam and look
out the streaked window with complacency.
~Susan Allen Toth....England For All Seasons
Hmmm.....maybe even dance in the rain.....
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Monday, March 28, 2011

Think On This

We all want progress,
but if you're on the wrong road,
progress means doing an about-turn
and walking back to the right road;
in that case, the man who turns back
soonest is the most progressive.
~C S Lewis
Seems a few in leadership positions might want 
to listen to these choice words of wisdom.
Praying for our world, knowing
who ultimately is in charge and being
thankful for that today......
Have a blessed week.......Dee Dee

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Mister's City Gardening

  Pretty nice, huh?
The Mister has the farming bug
 and this is gardening
"city style."
Seems like his circle of family and
friends have inspired him. They all
have "earth" boxes that are thriving
with all sorts of vegetables.
A few days back we enjoyed
garden fresh lettuce in our salad,
compliments of our son-in-law.
That got the Mister started.....
"If I could just grow a few nice tomatoes."
And so, as you can see, he is well
on his way.  Each morning I see
him in the garden inspecting the
tomato plants.
I'm keeping my hopes up that
they produce, for his sake and mine.
Have a blessed weekend.......Dee Dee
The best fertilizer is the gardeners shadow.
~author unknown

Friday, March 25, 2011

On My Desk To Read

My generation learned that
George Washington was a premier man of God.
History buff that I am....
I ordered this amazing book  from Amazon.
Not expecting it to weigh quite so much,
 I was shocked at the size of the
book when it arrived in the mail. 
It will take me a good while to read, 
never-the-less, that is my full intention.
Dr Lillback buries the myth that Washington
was an unbeliever....under an avalanche of facts.
~Robert P. George
Princeton University
Secular historians ignore George Washington's
ward Nelly Custis, who wrote that doubting
his Christian faith was as absurd as doubting
his patriotism.  But they cannot ignore the
mountain of evidence suggesting Washington's
religion was not Deism, but indeed it is proven
 he was  a man of deep religious convictions.
Washington's contemporaries clearly saw in him
his strong Christian faith and his appeal to, and
trust in, "Providence," to which "he regularly gave
thanks, publicly and privately."
George Washington's "sacred fire" led America's
path toward civil and religious liberty.
~A. McDougall, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author
- the words as you read.....
The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty
and the destiny of the republican model of government
are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally,
staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands
of the American people.
~George Washington
First Inaugural Address
April 30, 1789
I hope I've written enough to
encourage you to read along with me.
Blessings......Dee Dee

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Be Encouraged

Do not look forward to what may happen tomorrow;
the same everlasting Father who cares for you today
will take care of you tomorrow and every day.  Either
He will shield you from suffering, or He will give you
unfailing strength to bear it.  Be at peace, then
put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations, and
say continually: "The Lord is my strength and my shield;
my heart has trusted in Him and I am helped.
He is not only with me but in me and I in Him."
Father Tim~A New Song....JanKaron
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Suggested Great Read

The Country Bunny
and The Little Gold Shoes
The little girl Cottontail grew up to be a
young lady Cottontail.  And by and by
she had a husband and then one day,
much to her surprise there were twenty-one
Cottontail babies to take care of.
Way off there in the distant land, was old,
wise, kind Grandfather Bunny.
And he smiled at her and he said,
"You are not only wise, and kind, and swift,
but you are also the bravest of all the bunnies.
And I shall make you my very own
Gold Shoe Easter Bunny."
A delightful tale for young children, 
The Country Bunny
is a story beautifully written and
illustrated.  It teaches that those
with kind hearts, who work hard
and persevere will triumph.
Wrapped and ready for
the grandchildren, I can't wait to see
their little faces when I read it to them.
Blessings.....Dee Dee
*Encouragement for the day.....
You gain strength, courage and confidence
by every experience in which you really
stop to look fear in the face.
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Abigail impression of Abigail.
I joined a new Bible study recently.
Our pastor's wife Angie, leads in discussion
of  women in the Bible.  This week we
are in  the book of Samuel, chapter 25. I'm finding
it interesting  that Samuel was Israel's
last judge and that the book of Samuel is actually the
history of David.  The book of Samuel
describes the transition from judges to kings,
and that   Samuel was the last judge and
the first prophet. 
 Saul would become the first king of Israel.
In my study, I find there was a man named
Nabal. His wife Abigail, was a woman of good
understanding and beautiful countenance.
Her wisdom and good judgement,
 persuades David to not seek vengeance,
thereby preventing bloodshed. She eventually
becomes David's wife.
The rest of the story can be found in
the Holy Bible....a very good read.
Have a blessed day.....Dee Dee

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Angel

I've been sitting at the computer all morning exploring
painting methods using various  photo programs.....
burning up way to many hours. I took my drawing and
played with Photoshop paints. It has been
revealing and interesting.....learning is fun, after all.
Have a blessed day......Dee Dee

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Painting Angels.....

When the household chores are finished,
likely as not, I'm  up to my
elbows in drawing pencils and watercolors.
I  have in mind today,  the story from the
book of Matthew....Chap. 28 Verse 2.
And, behold there was a great earthquake; for the angel
of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and
rolled back the stone from the door and sat upon it.
His countenance was like lightening, and his rainment
white as snow....
I suppose I'll be painting more angels during the Easter season.
Enjoying the moments.....
Have a blessed weekend.....Dee Dee
Double click on angel....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something Quite Beautiful

Our tropical garden is small, but nature is thriving
there.  Each day, or so it seems, something
new and exciting happens.  
 We've noticed the budding taking
place on the salmon colored Hibiscus plant,
and knew at any time to expect something really pretty.  
Our morning walk in the garden yielded
not something pretty.....but something quite beautiful.
As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe
will be simpler;  Solitude will not be solitude,
poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.
~Henry David Thoreau
Have a blessed day......Dee Dee
 click on photo to enlarge

Friday, March 18, 2011

Folk Art Angel

I have a good reason for drawing and painting angels these days,
one that makes my heart and someone else's very happy.
I give them away to precious men and women confined
to nursing homes. 
 I remind them that God sends angels to minister to us...and
this seems to give them a great deal of comfort.
The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us
and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us,
and we only know them when they are gone.
~George Elliot
Have a blessed day.....Dee Dee

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Roses In An Old Ball Jar

In the springtime, I begin using the lanai
as though it were another room in my home.
One would think Roses a bit
too fancy in this outdoor setting, so
I dressed them down by placing them
in an old turquoise Ball jar.
Hmmm....I love it when a plan comes together.
Have a blessed day.....Dee Dee  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Frozen Horse

Appropriately white, the cast iron horse head,
hitching post,  has been sitting on our bistro table,
in the garden,  for a number of years.
 The mere fact that it's cast iron
 is a good thing considering our hurricane season,
here in Florida.
I remember, that  my intentions when I purchased
it, were to place it beside the fence gate.  The
bistro table was a "temporary"  holding place
that eventually became a " final"  resting place.
A frozen horse,
peering out over the garden, somehow has
seemed  a better idea to me, afterall.
And so it goes......
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tiny Grapes

Last year, we planted one grapevine plant along
the fence,  in our garden.  It grew all summer
long, producing nice green leaves.  Fall came,
and  the leaves fell from the vine.
All through the winter months,
the vine remained bare, 
and we wondered at it's survival.
Two weeks ago, the Mister and I celebrated
one small  leaf discovery, very happy
that the grapevine was alive and well.
In no time at all, leaves began sprouting
and delicate vines began meandering in all
Today....we found tiny little grapes!
Hmmm....I wonder if there just might be
 grape jelly in our future?
Enjoying the garden.... and
wishing you all a blessed week......Dee Dee

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Little Things.....

It's spring alright and each day something new
and interesting develops  in the garden....
 like these pretty Nandina floral clusters. 
The Little Things Of Life
For life is more than just romance
or beauty, fame and grace;
it is the cares and tears we share,
the love that lights a face;
it is our joys, our prayers, our fears,
our faith, the songs we sing,
it is the total worth of each
important "little thing!"
~John C. Bonser
Have a blessed week....DeeDee

Sunday, March 13, 2011

All The Best Elements....

"Frida's European Breakfast Pastries and European Cookies"
Cuppa  Eight O'clock Coffee
The alarm clock went off at seven AM....and I heard the
Mister groan.....  "Feels like we just went to bed...."
Hardly believing  Lily and Ethan, our grandchildren
were old enough to play basketball, we hurriedly
dressed for the occasion and sped off down the
highway....without breakfast.
We had good intentions of eating a nice brunch
later....that is,  until we spotted the
famous "Frida's Bakery."   Located in an area we're
not familiar with, and having read about this famous
bakery in the newspaper, we had to stop in and
see what all the fuss was about.
Well, I can say, Frida's was more than we could
have imagined. The beignets were every bit as good
as ones we've had at Cafe Du Monde, in New Orleans.
We feasted on some pretty amazing
goodies with our morning coffee....very unusual for us., family and sweets....all the
best elements for a perfect day.
Wish you had been here......Dee Dee

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Found Treasure

They're Magnolias, alright,
mock stained glass in an old window frame.
I had spotted this beauty  hanging on the wall
of my favorite antique shop, and made a
"bee line" in that direction. Why did I
have the feeling that someone else
might want it, and why was I hurrying so?
I wanted it bad, and was already
picturing it in my cottage living room.
It kinda had that cottage look, after all, and that
Laura Ashley shabby flavor, I thought to myself.
I hurriedly made my purchase and headed for home.
Placing it on an easel, close to the window,
I waited for the afternoon sun.
I wasn't disappointed, as you can see in the photo.
So enjoying these kind of moments....
Have a blessed weekend everyone.....Dee Dee

Friday, March 11, 2011

"A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose"

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
is a quotation by William Shakespeare from his
play Romeo and Juliet... meant to say that names of
things do not matter, only what they are.

So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title.  Romeo, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself.
I take thee at thy word:
Call me but love, and I'll be new baptized
Hence forth I never will be Romeo.
The post title words came to mind
while taking photos of  this beautiful rose.
I wondered of the saying
"a rose is a rose is a rose"
and came across Shakespeare's
writings from Romeo and Juliet,
referencing a rose.
Albeit, the rose expression,
"a rose is a rose is a rose"
 I found  not Shakespeare's writings, afterall.
 Ah... but  I remember studying his plays
 in my youth and struggling so
to understand.  Perhaps 
our minds were too young to comprehend.
Taking another look at this masterful
english poet and playwright, just
might be a good thing for now.
Where shall I begin?
Blessings....Dee Dee

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sneak Preview

They're wooden eggs. I've been drawing and painting,
 making them uniquely special for children.
The fun continued  when I got out the camera,
took a few photos and began experimenting with the
three photo programs I have on my computer.
The eggs are painted all sorts of colors......
bunnies and chicks in various poses. 
To use on cards, I washed the color out completely and then
reapplied  lovely colors with Photoshop..all done with just
a few clicks. 
Expect to see them around Easter,
in baskets and on cards....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Geico Gecko?

Seems someone  has taken up residence on our lanai,
and somehow he seems strangely familiar....hmmmm
Cute little fellow, don't you think?
Blessings.....Dee Dee
Double click on images to enlarge.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mona Lisa Smile? Perhaps....

I brought out the watercolors and pencils today.
It's been awhile....  I suppose this pretty weather
just might have something to do with it.
Been getting outside,
 using the camera a lot, learning how to
use Photoshop. 
 I paint what I love.....
women from the Edwardian era, Victorian,
and the l940's.
Where did she come from?  I'm not really sure.
Lovin' her smile....kinda like the Mona Lisa.
Do you think?
Enjoying the moments..... Dee Dee

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Green Market

Found.... delicious pears  at the
 "green market,"
and all sorts of other good healthy things.
Lots going on in the village this weekend.
 The annual antique show,
and the "green market"  attracted lots of "snow birds"
and just regular folks that live around here.
Lots of nice ladies there with home made relish, salsa,
all sorts of baked goods....and Cuban bread.
My little basket was filled to the brim. 
I cooked fresh string beans with tiny white potatoes
tonight.  Sliced some of those pretty tomatoes,
and you can see I couldn't wait to try a red pear. 
 Now, I'll just say some of those
pastries we brought home with us might not
have fit into the healthy food category, but
they sure were good.  Oh coffee
with that sweet iced croissant was mighty tasty.
Enjoying the moments....Dee Dee

Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Signs Of Spring....

We got the word last evening
that the grandchildren were setting
up a " lemonade stand"  first thing this morning.
Seems these young entrepreneurs 
had a booming business when
we finally arrived. 
Somehow, the lemonade even  tasted better today.
After settling up with the proprietors, I began to
focus on a beautiful white Azalea plant  in the yard.
It's growing  in a most unlikely place, beneath the children's
tree house,  yet somehow it seems to thrive. 
More signs of spring.....Azaleas blooming, children playing
out doors and lemonade stands.
Enjoying the moments.....Dee Dee

Saturday, March 5, 2011

On A Cool Spring Day.....

No ordinary day...enjoying the richness of life
in a pretty garden with an extra helping of pleasure.
Wishing you happy thoughts.....Dee Dee

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gorgeous Windy March Day

I can tell March has arrived and the winds
 now blowing with a gusto, have arrived right on time.
Note the tall palm tree fronds swaying in one direction....west.
Strong winds are coming from the east
feeling nice' n cool.
Have a blessed day....Dee Dee

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cousin Denny's Visit

I made a pitcher of iced tea, and
had a pot of coffee ready to brew.
We would talk for hours, so I
prepared a few things to nibble on,
nothing too fancy...these were home-folks.
Second cousin on my mother's side,
cousin  Denny, now in his eighties, and
his wife Marge,
visit our home once a year.
Today, we continued our annual tradition
of sitting around the table for
refreshments and great conversation.
Denny  is a born storyteller, and
I could sit and listen to him talk for hours
as he opens up a world of yesterdays,
about family members known only by name.
Their last name was Tabor, ten children
in the family, six of  them boys.
"They were rascals,  he would say.  Loved
to fight and rumor has it,  they could make
some real good moonshine."
With a smile on his face and a sort of
twinkle in his eye, Denny spoke with pride
of  family notoriety, saying they were well known,
just not in a good sort of  way.
We sat together and talked over four
hours this visit.  I think I've got enough
to ponder until the next time.
We all grow up with the weight of history on us.
Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains
as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge
hidden in every cell of our bodies. ~Shirley Abbott

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In The Garden

Another beautiful pot of Geraniums
in the garden.  Just a plain beige pot...
Looks like they would make them
more colorful, using one of my favorite
colors....a pale turquoise.  Then
it would look really nice in front
of the lattice back-drop.....
but then the lattice needs a bit
more color and so I took the
liberty with my photo program to
just add greens and teals.
I never tire of taking photos of
the garden flowers....and then again,
I never tire of tweaking them.
It's as though I have a magic wand.
A beautiful thing...nature.
Lovin' God's world more each day.
Blessings.....Dee Dee

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Spring Rain

I read this somewhere....
"One of nature's most precious gifts, flowers
never fail to delight the eye
and touch the soul."
I'm happy with a morning spring rain and
A new hanging basket in the garden,
with pretty  lavender colored
Hope your having a good week,
making the moments the best.