Monday, March 7, 2011

The Green Market

Found.... delicious pears  at the
 "green market,"
and all sorts of other good healthy things.
Lots going on in the village this weekend.
 The annual antique show,
and the "green market"  attracted lots of "snow birds"
and just regular folks that live around here.
Lots of nice ladies there with home made relish, salsa,
all sorts of baked goods....and Cuban bread.
My little basket was filled to the brim. 
I cooked fresh string beans with tiny white potatoes
tonight.  Sliced some of those pretty tomatoes,
and you can see I couldn't wait to try a red pear. 
 Now, I'll just say some of those
pastries we brought home with us might not
have fit into the healthy food category, but
they sure were good.  Oh coffee
with that sweet iced croissant was mighty tasty.
Enjoying the moments....Dee Dee