Sunday, March 13, 2011

All The Best Elements....

"Frida's European Breakfast Pastries and European Cookies"
Cuppa  Eight O'clock Coffee
The alarm clock went off at seven AM....and I heard the
Mister groan.....  "Feels like we just went to bed...."
Hardly believing  Lily and Ethan, our grandchildren
were old enough to play basketball, we hurriedly
dressed for the occasion and sped off down the
highway....without breakfast.
We had good intentions of eating a nice brunch
later....that is,  until we spotted the
famous "Frida's Bakery."   Located in an area we're
not familiar with, and having read about this famous
bakery in the newspaper, we had to stop in and
see what all the fuss was about.
Well, I can say, Frida's was more than we could
have imagined. The beignets were every bit as good
as ones we've had at Cafe Du Monde, in New Orleans.
We feasted on some pretty amazing
goodies with our morning coffee....very unusual for us., family and sweets....all the
best elements for a perfect day.
Wish you had been here......Dee Dee