Saturday, March 12, 2011

Found Treasure

They're Magnolias, alright,
mock stained glass in an old window frame.
I had spotted this beauty  hanging on the wall
of my favorite antique shop, and made a
"bee line" in that direction. Why did I
have the feeling that someone else
might want it, and why was I hurrying so?
I wanted it bad, and was already
picturing it in my cottage living room.
It kinda had that cottage look, after all, and that
Laura Ashley shabby flavor, I thought to myself.
I hurriedly made my purchase and headed for home.
Placing it on an easel, close to the window,
I waited for the afternoon sun.
I wasn't disappointed, as you can see in the photo.
So enjoying these kind of moments....
Have a blessed weekend everyone.....Dee Dee