Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disney World....A Birthday Celebration

Can you  imagine being six years old
and spending your birthday at Disney World?
At the crack of dawn we were up and ready
for the drive across the state to celebrate
our grandson Ethan's sixth birthday.
The day was perfect.  Seems small children
go right along at the same pace as  their
We kinda liked  their choices of entertainment.......
Winnie The Pooh, Carousel Of  Progress, the parades,
and performances in front of Cinderella's Castle, and
many many other fantastic forms of entertainment.
We loved the characters, the music and dancing in the street.
We were thankful for the "Fast Pass" tickets.  No waiting
in line. 
We had lunch at a very nice place, selected by our
son-in-law....... the occasion called for good food
and cake for a special little boy.
If I said we were tired this evening, it would be an
understatement.  We are completely exhausted!
While looking over the photos, shown here are
just a few......we liked the expressions on
the children's faces most of all.
Disney World is the best, when your holding
the hand of a happy child.
Have a blessed week......Dee Dee
click on photos to enlarge