Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Even In Winter

The pink Hibiscus blooms.......

yet a bit sporadically......
and,  if the temps stay above freezing here
in Florida,
the Hibiscus will continue
 to bloom
all year long.

Busy day planned.....it's off to "Vote"
this morning. 

May God's man win......Dee Dee

Monday, January 30, 2012

I Find Them A Lovely Curiosity

I am profoundly elated with our new Camellias,
and, that they've found themselves right at
home in our garden.

From the beginning of the blooming process,
one finds them a curiosity.  and upon closer

they are splendidly fascinating.

We are of good fortune, that the
weather has forgotten how to behave
during the winter months....
therefore, our potted Camellias
give one a feeling of spring.

In my garden there is a large place
for sentiment.
My garden of flowers is also my
garden of thoughts and dreams.
The thoughts grow as freely
as the flowers and dreams
are so beautiful.
~Abram Urban

Have a happy and blessed week......Dee Dee

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Be Glad

Be glad of life, because it gives you
the chance to love and to work and
to play and to look up at the stars;
to be satisfied with your possessions
to think seldom of your enemies,
often of your family and friends,
and every day of Christ.
~Henry van Dyke

Counting my blessings today,
naming them one by one.....
counting my blessings,
seeing what God has done......Dee Dee

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Think A Kindred Spirit

This Thomas Jefferson  Memorial
is  appropriately placed in a garden........

I have often thought that if heaven
had given me a choice of my
position and calling, it should have
 been on a rich spot of earth,
well watered, and near a good market
 for the productions of the
garden.  No occupation is so delightful
to me as the culture of
the earth, and no culture comparable to
that of the garden.  Such
a variety of subjects, some one
always coming to perfection, the
failure of one thing repaired by the
success of another, and instead
of one harvest a continued one
 through the year.  Under a total
want of demand except for our
family table, I am still devoted to
the garden.  But though an old man,
I am but a young gardener.
~Thomas Jefferson
On my "Bucket List"
to visit Monticello and wonder
through these magnificent gardens.
My thoughts....a man that
 finds contentment in
gardening, has found his
connection with the Creator.

Wishing you a most pleasant
and happy day......Dee Dee

Friday, January 27, 2012

We Need "God's Man"

I posted a short while ago on a book
I was reading...."Being George Washington"
written by Glenn Beck.
Not the sort of book you hurry through,
I took my time, sometimes re-reading paragraphs
and discussing what I had read with the Mister.
While reading about this great  man, I
 realized and  quite possibly for the first time,
how clearly the evidence shows,
 God's guidance and Washington's
willingness to follow Him, during the
formatiive years  of our nation.

There is too much to say about
George Washington in such a small
posting space, for he was  larger than life,
but I will say a few things to ponder.

Apparent to me now,
from  reading about  Washington's
  long service to our beloved country,
his remarkable survival in the many wars he fought,
his eventual positioning as first  President
of the United States,
he was,
without a doubt
 privileged with having God's amazing protection and guidance. 

Considering the political climate
these days, all of us who care enough,
are trying to decide on how we will
respond to the call of our citizen's
We're  busy trying to decipher
who and what each candidate is all about.
Do we know enough about them, 
from what we've learned
during the debates, from the Internet and campaign
literature?  What is the truth?  What are
adjectives we would use to describe each candidate?

Having just read about George Washington,
I have some pretty stiff requirements for
our next President. 
He certainly needs  to be Christian, honest, creative,
intelligent, brave, kind, fair, caring, and courageous.
Last and most important, 
 I need to see clear
 evidence of leadership.
 Will he  have the
wisdom that others will admire enough to get in
behind him, and follow his lead?  He must!

George Washington was not puffed up with pride,
boastful or narcissistic, he had to be persuaded
to run for president.
I found a quote by Washington, and this I will look for in
a candidate of my consideration......

"It is impossible to rightly govern a
nation without God and the Bible."

I think if we can find a candidate that
can say these words with conviction,
we've found "God's Man" for the next
President of the United States of America.

Praying for our nation.....Dee Dee

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Magnificent Metal Birds

Nothing is  more refreshing than
an active vibrant splashy water fountain,
especially on a hot day here in Florida.
This beautiful work of art is the center
piece for a small park we visited this week.
 Located in
a wonderful setting, over looking Tampa Bay, 
it is the  perfect location  for it's subjects
 "great blue herons." 

 Seems when I have a camera in my hand, I'm more observant
of details, and so is the case when
examining these magnificent metal birds.
To allow the whole fountain experience
to take place, I took a seat on a park bench.
The area was quiet enough. The sounds of
the splashing waters somehow had a peaceful
soothing effect and I enjoyed  myself completely.

I found it amazing how the designer of this fabulous sculpture,
 had the ability to create a dry, solid monument into a vibrant,
wet and continually changing work of art.

Look for splashes of joy today.....Dee Dee

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Great Turquoise Earrings

Ah yes.....these turquoise earrings seem
to go with just about any color...
hair, eyes or complexion.
I had fun with these ladies.....
using all the tricks that come
with Photoshop,
well, not all of them.....still learning and
have a long way to go.  But then, that
seems to be the thrill of it all,
and then applying a new technique to my
paintings. I suppose this might be
considered a study in color application.

Enjoying the moments.....Dee Dee
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally Bananas

In our garden!!
First....tiny flowers bloom and they are 
such pretty colors .......
We could hardly believe our eyes yesterday....
The banana palm has been discreetly living
and growing  in our garden for years,  surrounded by large leafed
Philodendron plants.
I was told, unless you have two banana palm trees,
you will never have bananas, for they need
to cross pollinate. 
Last summer, I found growing, and  almost
hidden from view, another small banana palm tree.
It had most likely come from the roots of the
larger tree. I'm assuming nature took it's course,
for  here we are in January,
witnessing the miracle of banana birth!

Naturally, my camera fell in love with
the little "fruits."

I hear this variety of banana is
small, but quite tasty.

It has been exciting and  interesting
to watch as the pod  burst forth
and small pinkish colored flowers
developed.  In no time at all, 
 tiny green bananas have begun to grow.

I'll post again .....and share in the
process real soon.....Dee Dee
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Looking Up

On this day in the park,
seems like all the prettiest
things were up over our
heads....take this old dead
tree, now home to various
birds, most likely  ant
colonies and
other bug life.

Just a beautiful
sight, surrounded by tall palm
trees, live oaks and the
golden leaves of a hickory nut tree.

Also seen overhead lovely Spanish Moss
hanging midst the golden
hickory tree leaves....

A beautiful natural wall,  made from
rocks collected on the park property,
lines a steep pathway.....
We spent a good while at the park,
walking up and down hills.
I'm thinking
 the whole experience made the Mister and
I feel extraordinarily healthy.

Late afternoon.... we spied
white Ibis birds roosting in a tall pine tree.

What an amazingly  beautiful world
we live in.....sigh
......Dee Dee
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Found Treasure

I am a frequent shopper at
our library bookstore. Folks
just like me, contribute  like-new
books to be sold, and the proceeds
go to support the library.
From time to time, I've  posted  on
a found treasure from this location.

In a non discreet area of the
store, rare and collectible books
are placed, and it is  this section
I gravitate toward immediately,
 upon entering my beloved library doors.

Bless the angels, for this week,
 I found treasure, seen here, 
a wonderful and  lovely book...

A New York Public
Library Collector's Edition of
Jane Austen's
Mansfield Park.
Inside is her beautifully written story,
and a number of treasures from the
New York Public Library
including a handwritten letter from
Jane Austen to her elder sister, Cassandra,
and Cassandra's charming and
whimsical drawings of British kings and
queens to illustrate in a comical way
the History of England.

Jane lies in Winchester-blessed be her shade!
Praise the Lord for making her, and her for
all she made! And while the stones of  Winchester,
or Milsom  Street, remain,
Glory, love and honour unto England's Jane!
~Rudyard Kipling

Abundant happiness for you......Dee Dee

Saturday, January 21, 2012


On days like this.....I could stay outside the whole day long!

When I say it was a perfect
morning, I really mean it!
Gorgeous cool breeze
blowing,  as I hung out the laundry,
 and a contrasting
warm sunshine blanketed
my whole cottage garden world.

I took a long look at our
newly planted pansies and
found them smiling up at me,
in a real sweet kind of way, that
only Pansies know how to do.
How could I resist their smiles
as I snapped off one photo after
another. Each smile a masterpiece,
it was hard to select my favorites
for this post.

Look for His Blessings this weekend.........
they're all over the place.....Dee Dee

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dabbling With Digital Art

There once was a
tiny little
Field Mouse.....
who's fur was all wet
  playing in the snow.
He played all day long
and well into the night
in the
 pale moonlight.
This little guy was fun to do.
I began with pencils and
watercolors.....then used
lots of Photoshop elements. 
.....then, more fun with Freehand Painting using
Microsoft Picture It... Premium l0....
to place a valentine in his hand.

I'm always amazed at the finished product.....
finding this form of digital art time consuming,
incredibly satisfying and most addictive.

Blessings.....Dee Dee
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rainy Day Painting

It's gloomy and overcast today,
and already a bit of rain has fallen.
I hear that  snow has finally come
to many of the northern states
and in some places record
setting amounts.
So, I've been thinking of the small
animals that live and somehow
survive in those snowy and
sometimes  bitter cold
I've seen small Chipmonks play
and scurry about in the snow
, while visiting in the Adirondack
mountains. They seem well equiped
with thick furry bodies
that provide protection
from the harsh winter conditions.

My rainy day painting....
an alert, and perky Chipmonk
scampering about in the new
fallen snow.

Have a blessed day....Dee Dee

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Treasure Box

 placed on a shelf
seen through
glass door.
A treasure box,
 given to me
 by a friend.

She'd found a box of
vintage cards, and
tucked one  inside
the gift package.

The card 
with her writing,
is now stored inside
the treasure box,
being now

Blessings.......Dee Dee

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Camellias To Calm My Heart

A super macro shot of something
pretty incredible......

So beautiful.....

Now and then, each of us face
Such was the case today
for me. 
 I did a lot of talking with the
Lord, asking for His assurance
  to get me through the day.
Know what helps most
when  your feeling a little
  frightened and vulnerable?
Take yourself  out of  the
equation and place 
someone else
 in the
"to worry about space."

Celebrating a good
report eventually,
I received hugs
and two pretty  Camellia
plants....from the Mister.
They worked real fine in
cheering me up and
calming my heart.

*Note:  Double
variegated Camellia bloom ....

Feeling so very thankful
and blessed by my Lord.........Dee Dee
Click on photos to enlarge

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cottage Images

It's been a busy day, Sunday's
are always that way for me.
Evening service was so good,
a study from 2nd Chronicles,
preparing us for revival this week.
The Mister and I've had a
nice bowl of chili....a cool weather
dish, if there ever was one,
and now we've settled in for
the evening.
Having little  time to dwell on my
post.....I've thought perhaps a
collage of  images seen around
the cottage, wothy of sharing.
Worth mentioning and so
 dear to me is
the Grandmother bracelet,
placed on my wrist at a
baby shower given for my
 first granddaughter.
I keep the bracelet draped
over a small jeweled frame,
that holds a picture of that  tiny
baby girl.
We all have them, don't we?
Little heart treasures.....sigh....

The grace of the Lord Jesus
be with you ......Dee Dee

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm Seeing Red

......a sweet surprise....
Roses from my heart mate.
He said, "I knew your last
flowers were purple, so I
got you the red ones."
like one blessed lady.......
A dozen red roses,
and almost one
month exactly 'till
Valentine's day.

Have a blessed Lord's day everyone.....Dee Dee

Saturday, January 14, 2012


"Girl Reading" 1909 by R Edmund Tarbell
The only thing better than a good  writing is.....
I can't think of anything.
You just don't pour it pureed over your potatoes.
You savor it. What on Earth does it matter
if you stop and repeat a phrase, roll it around
on your tongue, dart a few lines ahead
and then suddenly come back and reread it?
If the phrase is good enough, you are supposed
to stop and rejoice in it.
~William Murchison
Cooler weather...perfect reading conditions.
Happy weekend !.......Dee Dee

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lovin' Winter White

Early morning sun shining
through lace curtains in
our small guest room....

I have all white heavier quilted
bedding for winter...fresh clearn
and bright room.

I held the camera high up
to catch a glimpse of  the
small crystal chandelier.
The room being small, I've
been careful when selecting the
In addition to what you see, there
is a small bedside table
and lamp......
a cream colored armoire
that holds our linens
and one mint green
wicker chair.

Another winter chill coming
tonight.....winter, a time for
reflecting on all His blessings....Dee Dee

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Number Please"

"Operator, number please."

I talked on the phone with  my sister
 last evening, and in no time at all,
we had talked  for a couple of hours.
In the old days, this would have cost
us an "arm and a leg"
and the neighbors on the "party-line"
might have heard our whole conversation.

My, how certainly times have changed.
Most assuredly  the phone system
 has changed and I'm not so sure for the better.

"When my contract runs out, I'm
getting  a new phone, mine is an
old fashioned flip-top style, the hinge
is loose and it's primitive" ....my sister said.
 It's truly amazing how
fast technology is moving.

I suppose she's right, for
the  phones these days
 are no longer just
Seems you can do just
about everything and anything
with one little hand-held
Are they even considered phones still?
With various applications,
 one can play games,
watch movies, shop on the
Internet and communicate with
half-dozen people or more at
any given time....and this list
of applications goes on forever.

I suppose this is called progress
and to be expected.
Deep down I kinda miss the
old phone days......

"Is this the party to whom I am speaking?"

Sigh.........Dee Dee
(Phone lady....Lily Tomlin)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"War Horse"

The First World War
 is experienced
through the journey
of a remarkable horse.
An odyssey of joy,
sorrow and high adventure,
the viewer experiences a
roller coaster of emotion
while watching 
 a  passionate friendship
between a horse named Joey
and a young man called Albert.
Directed by Steven Spielberg,
I highly recommend this
warm, heartfelt and beautiful movie.....
It has been out for a while,
so check your theaters and
see it there if possible. The
cinematography and special
affects are incredible.
Be prepared to shed a tear or two.....

Blessings........Dee Dee

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pitcher and Bowl

Out from storage.......
If your like me, you have things
hard to part with, so
they are tucked away for another day.
The pitcher and bowl set,  seen here,
is quite old, considered an antique,
I suppose.  It is quite clearly, very dear to me.
At one time, I admired it completely,
while placed  on a sideboard in my
youngest daughter's home.  When
her home decor took on a more modern look,
she placed the pitcher and bowl,
 along side other items,
intended for "yard sale."
"Oh no!" I cried out!  "How much
do you want for these?"
She very lovingly placed them in my
arms and I gleefully accepted them.
"They're  yours Mom, enjoy."
A few years have passed, and
the pitcher and bowl set
has been out of sight and
out of mind, until now.
While sorting through stored
boxes this week,
I found these "old  pretties."
They had been removed from my decor
a  long while back,
for I too had grown
tired of  them and
they some how no longer fit in.
Another day,
finally came this past week when
my eyes again beheld
the white porcelain loveliness
of the pitcher and bowl set.
I washed and dried them, admiring
each and every detail.
They  appeared  more lovely than I
I wanted to place them where
I could see them each day. I had
missed how they gave the room an
old fashioned comfortable feel,
and already my heart was
feeling an old felt pleasure.
In plain view for all to see,
I have placed them in the living room, on a
small wooden chair.
I suppose if the truth be known, they
look a bit out of place.
  But,  I have reasoned
that they look just fine, for now.
 If  I'm the only admirer,  of
this long ago necessity for wash up,
then so be it.

Sweet Tuesday blessings for all......Dee Dee

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lavender Roses For January

When I brought them home, they
were lovely lavender colored
 Rose buds.
Overnight they opened into
something quite remarkable
to look at.  My January all
white decor has suddenly been
kicked up another knotch,
as Emerill would say.
Enjoy your day sweet friends and family.....Dee Dee

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fox In Winter

Nothing has given me more pleasure
lately, than the comfort of a cooler
home...a reprieve from Florida's
hot and humid climate.
Friends  from our northern states
and Canada are coming back
to our state, and we welcome them.
Many attend our church.
On the other hand,
we have family and friends that
tighten down the hatches and tough
out the bitter cold winters. They do
lots of preparing for the long
winter months.  Both man and beast
do what is necessary to survive.

With these thoughts in mind,
I've begun drawing and painting
 small animals
 living  in extreme conditions.
My first subject, the Red Fox,
 seems fully prepared with a
nice warm coat,
and a natural  instinct for survival.

Stay warm this weekend and
enjoy His blessings.....Dee Dee

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lovin' Old Rag Bows.......

There was a method to my madness. It all
started while rearranging a storage closet,
filled with boxes of fabrics, tea items,
and just plain good stuff.
My sorting and cleaning led
me to an odd sort of tea pot.

From my cherished tea collection,
this pot, is one of my favorites.
I've always thought the
reference to Paris,
and  the mere fact it has
writing on it, gives it
interesting personality.  It
also generates sweet tea party
The wire trim a bit unusual as well.....

I found a great patterned fabric remnant....

Perfect for a nice 
rag bow.......
Also found in closet....Ball jar
with shell buttons.
So, I tied an
ole rag bow on the jar and
placed it on the linen armoire.

Am I the only one that feels
rejuvenated and inspired when
a new year begins?
Have a blessed weekend....Dee Dee
click on photos to enlarge