Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stopped By To Say Hello

Our front door, from top to bottom, is 
made with beveled glass window panes. 
 In the center of the door is one clear beveled 
square. From the outside, one's reflection
can be seen in the door panes. 
This morning, we had visitors enjoying
their reflections in our front door.
Our initial view from inside, was the face of
one very curious peacock.....and then 
there were more.
These beautiful birds, four in number,
were fascinated
with their own images and stayed at our
door for quite some time.  Eventually
they flew up to the roof of our cottage,
then into other neighborhood yards.
Seen here, are photos taken through
the clear square in the center of our door.
Note the beveled areas around photos,
making for interesting images.

We determined there were two males and
two females.  Impressed with their
colors, we thought them absolutely gorgeous.

I'm glad you stopped by today as well.

Sweet blessings for all.....Dee Dee