Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day

I ran a few errands earlier in the day.  The roads
were congested with traffic, the mall parking areas
were packed and the stores I stopped into were filled
with shoppers.  
Workers are taking advantage of a
three day weekend in all sorts of different ways.
I can remember when this day was our one last
hurrah of summer, for the children were back in
school.  The causeway and beaches are packed
on this day with families having picnics, 
boating, fishing and just plain ole 
having fun together.
I hope they've all left their electronic gadgets at
home, and are having good old fashioned family
Around our place, the young folks
are boating, diving and spear fishing. The menu
for Labor Day will consist of Hogfish and Grouper.

So you all enjoy!   .....Dee Dee