Thursday, April 7, 2011

On My Desk To Read

From my hometown  library store.....found today,
in like-new condition.  I consider it a treasure.
The stunning recreation of the much-loved world of
Kenneth Grahame's " The Wind in the Willows"  that
we secretly all know we wanted, but never dared
hope we might find......
William Horwood has brought to life once more the
four most-loved characters in English literature:
the loyal Mole, the resourceful Water Rat, the
stern but wide Badger, and, of course
the exasperating irresistible Toad.

"I am Toad extraordinaire, a magnificent Toad!
None is my equal. What Toad, what creature,
has ever showed such capacity, such expertise,
such brilliance, as I have today?!"
Published in England in 1993, this book was a
resounding success, a bestseller for three months.
-An enchanting, unforgettable novel, enlivened by
delightful illustrations, in which William Horwood
has recaptured all the joy, magic, and good humor
of  L. Grahame's great work.
And...Toad is still as exasperatingly lovable as he ever was.
Amazon's reviews gave five stars!
Patricia Benson's, lovely
illustrations, received five stars from me as well.
I am giddy with anticipation!
Blessings this day for you.....Dee Dee