Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Pretty.....

Still pretty.....
once a centerpiece.... for our Easter dining,
now adorning a table in our living room.
The Hydrangea for a very long while, has
held sweet symbolic meanings for me.
Our home in South Carolina, 
for so many long years,  had a lovely
blue colored Hydrangea plant growing 
 in our front yard.
The hot Carolina summer climate, made it
difficult sometimes  for the plant to survive. 
Most afternoons
I would find it's branches sprawled on the
ground, as though it had
 "given up the ghost."
By morning, it had renewed it's strength and
stood tall and proud, heavy with large
clustered blooms. 
Each time I bring Hydrangea
into the cottage......sorta has that "old south"
feeling that conjers up all sorts sweet memories.
Time forever has barred the way
You can't return to yesterday.
Out of reach...beyond the blue...
Tomorrow waits in vain for you!
So take today, enjoy its measure
Quick as a's yesterday's treasure!
~Maxine Lung
Have a blessed day....Dee Dee