Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Christmas Corsage....Watercolors & Pencils

Do you remember the Christmas corsage?
I sure do, and oh how I wish they were
back in style.
 We all wore them, back in the days
 and the bigger
and shinier, the better.
There's just something really pretty
and feminine about a small floral
arrangement worn on a ladies suit,
or winter coat, and the outfit could go from
just okay to wow!
Now the young lady seen here,
wearing a beautiful corsage,
 would have been
"stylin" back in the 50,s....
don't you think?
She's also got that
I,m dreaming of  a horse drawn  sleigh ride
with the boy next door kinda  look in her eyes,
or just maybe
I,m all dressed up and need a place to go.
Now I've been thinking...... it wouldn't
take a whole lot of effort, a few
tiny and shiny Christmas colored balls,
 bits of greenery and silk ribbon
and I could whip
a little corsage together in no time
at all.
"Sleigh bells ring, are you listening......."
Enjoying the season.....
of peace,love,joy.......Dee Dee