Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Images....My Home

Just getting started,
beginning with the living room.
Much the same as last year,
having been so pleased with it all.
This small  village has always
made me want to sing,
while unwrapping and
locating it to  the proper
"Sleigh bells ring are you listening?"
In the lane snow is glistening, a
beautiful sight happy tonight
walking in a winter wonder land......"
Enchanting....a good word
that I believe works for me here.
Speaking of singing,
I went to a Steve Green concert tonight. 
 One just knows these things....
boy now,  has God ever blessed
this man with an outstanding voice,
right along with  a kind gentle heart. I have
plans to buy his Christmas album.
He made us all  want to sing along.
Then,  he invited us to....and we did.
It was the kind of music that makes
 you get chills,
music that blesses your soul.
I'm really enjoying this holy season
and hope you are too.....Dee Dee