Monday, December 27, 2010

The Birth Of A New Year

"I no longer make goals that streatch
far into the future, but try to achieve,
to learn, to wonder, and to keep
gratitude in my heart,
for each tender mercy."~Jenni Farnes
Victoria Magazine

I suppose the new year is seen by us all,
as a time that brings opportunity for change.
Perhaps we begin making  healthier habits or maybe
 we finally begin something we've put
off for a long while...something we've
dreamed of doing. 
 Last year, my
"New Year's Resolution" was to begin
drawing and painting with watercolors.
Often my efforts are seen here on my titled "Pencils and Watercolors."
What a fun and exciting journey it has
been.  Once I began, there was no
turning back or dragging my feet. I have
learned from this experience, many  valuable lessons.
With the challenge before me, and the determination
I quickly realized my ability and  there was nothing
stopping me. 
 I've shared my experience with 
 friends and family.....
and think it wise to tell
our children and grandchildren
to follow their dreams and figure out
early in life what  is most
important to them.  Carve out space and
time and pursue your dreams as soon as
they are realized. 
Never stretch out your
goals way into  the future, we are not
promised tomorrow.
Good blessings for you all as you begin this
 new year 2011
....Dee Dee