Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Quick Look Back And On With The New Year

I suppose we're all much the same,
while looking forward to the future, about this same time each year,
we all take a quick look back...wrap up a few loose ends
and begin new preparations.
 A new year begins tomorrow at midnight....
are you ready with your resolutions
and new blogging plans?
I am...
Looking back, I'm thinking
it's much easier to do so for a blogger, for we have
plenty to look at in our archives...sort of
like having an online journal.
Our blogs tell a lot about us....
our likes and dislikes, things about our families.... 
the kinds of books we read,
the foods we eat
the music we like and even a bit of our politics.
Well, here we go everyone...
I,m planning lots of good things, and with God,s
help I,ll do just fine.