Monday, December 13, 2010

So Much To Read....So Little Time Left

At the beginning of December,
I hurriedly purchased some
great little Christmas reads
at my library's resale store.
Corrie Ten Boom's Christmas Years,
is found in the small stack....
shown here.
I can hardly wait to read this, and
most likely will, first.
Why haven't I begun reading?
Good things going on and not
enough hours in the day.
I popped into B&N this past week,
looking for gift ideas...found plenty.....
As is usual this time of year,
the front tables of the store,
were piled high with
new and entertaining
Do you find them all irresistible?
I do, however, this year, I
used self control and
left them alone.
Between the little books I have,
already, lying in wait, and the
Hallmark nightly Christmas movies,
I am well satisfied with my
wistful yearning for Christmases
from the past....and
celebrations of days gone by.
What can I say,
so much to read, and so little time left.
Christmas will be here, before we know it!
Be blessed this week.......Dee Dee