Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Old Year Passing.....

 Old year 2010 candle.....
New Year's candle 2011......
A Christmas gift from my daughter,
a beautiful white lantern
giving off just the right amount of light...
winter mood light. Cozy is a good word
for sitting in candle-light.
As I sat gazing, I've been thinking of how soon
the old year will be passing.....
...never to be spoken in the present tense again.
The year will end as though a candle were snuffed out.
It's been a tumultous year with a great deal
 of sadness for many throughout the world.
My "New Year's Prayer"  will be that
just as the old year ends, there will be
renewed  hope, joy and peace for everyone.
Happy New Year!
and God Be With You