Sunday, May 6, 2012

They're Called Celosia

We began our Saturday with
a wake-up phone call.
Seven year old grandson
had an early morning
Upward flag football game.
He's good..... a really good
quarterback and I have lots
of action photos for happy
Back home, and
with  my adrenalin still
excellerated, I thought to myself
 why let this energy go
to waste.... I put on my garden
gloves and proceeded  with
potting those new annuals
I brought home yesterday.
They're called
Celosia and that's
just about all I know about
them. Not so hard the
planting part and they look
real nice in this fancy
oblong clay container. 

When I finished planting
and watering, I found  the
best place for the arrangement
to be right on this ole garden chair.

I'm real pleased with this
little arrangement and
when the Bougainvillea
climbs on up the fence....well
all I can say is "look out"
.......things are going
to look real pretty.
May your life be sweet this Lord's day......Dee Dee
click on photos to enlarge