Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Now Where Did I Put It?

I was determined to begin my
"new babies" sewing this morning.
But, where was my
"pin cushion?" 
After searching high and low,
it suddenly occurred to me where my
"pretty hand-made pin cushion" was.....
it was in Boston Massachusetts!!!
You see, about two months ago, we
had a mission's conference at our
church and each missionary family
had made a "wish list" of things
needed. One sweet lady, mother of
five children had requested a nice
sewing kit.  I could see why she
might need this from time to time,
so I set out to make her request complete.
I began compiling  all sorts of sewing
and mending tools , and
to complete the sewing kit, 
I tucked in my favorite
"pretty hand-made pin cushion."

Somewhere in Boston,
a new Baptist Church is being
planted and my pin cushion
is serving in some capacity,
for the Lord's work,
being completed there......and
that's a good thought!

my good fortune was
finding a bit of the
older pin cushion fabric,
I had tucked away.
In no time at all, I had
hand stitched another cushion,
and was readied for "new babies" sewing.

Have a sweet ole day.....Dee Dee