Friday, May 25, 2012

A Rose Garden

"I beg your pardon....
I never promised you a Rose garden....."
~Lynn Anderson

Our walk in Gatlinburg Tennessee,
was for exploring, seeing all the sights
and just plain ole having fun.
  The mountain air was fresh
and crisp and we felt our world
was perfect!
We were named "tourist" for a while
and we behaved a certain way. 
We stopped and posed in front of
attractions that were ridiculous
and made us laugh.
 We listened to young musical groups singing
country music.....clapped our hands and
moved our feet.
And.....we peeked through a wrought-iron
fence into a beautiful Rose garden.

"Along with the sunshine, there's
got to be a little rain sometime.....
I beg your pardon, I never promised
you a Rose garden...."

You have a real nice day, now!  Dee Dee
Click on photos to enlarge....they look amazing