Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Hometown's Transformation

The nice thing about a road trip
is that you can change your route
and go in any direction desired.
Such was the case when we were
driving through South Carolina
and turned in the direction of
our first hometown as man and wife.
This year, marking a very important
wedding anniversary, we
came back to the  Mister's place of birth and
where we began our lives together.
Barnwell South Carolina is, and
always will be dear and special to us. Our
first two children were born while living 
in this small southern town.
Those early precious memories
are still fresh in our minds.
Barnwell's downtown area is
 a circle.
While driving round,
 we could not believe our eyes.
Every building had been
completely restored to like new.
How and who had done this?

Our old bank was  now,
transformed and had a whole
new appearance as
Barnwell's City Hall.
The landscaping throughout
the city was new and beautiful.
 Barnwell has a brand new library....the old one
is now a historical museum.
According to the 2000 census there
were 5,035 people residing in this
little town. I did a little research and
found the whole community has been
completely transformed.  Seems
the folks in charge now,  have put
a whole lot of love.... and money into
 "our town."
The Mister and I felt as though we
had been given a very special
anniversary gift, and we're so happy
for the people that have lived
there all these years.  I'm thinking
what has happened is a miracle, and a true
blessing from God.
These were the last of our vacation
photos and some of our favorite.
Click on them to enlarge,  and be
amazed at the charm of this very
small southern town.

Have a sweet ole day......Dee Dee