Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lavender and Purple In The Garden

I know what your thinking.  
Not again with the
 Crape Myrtle's Dee Dee!!
Just can't help myself......
what with all the rain,
these beautiful clusters of flowers
 are most impressive.
Mid-day found me making my way
through tall Nandina
plants and Philodendron branches
to get up close to 
the Myrtle blooms.
I managed to get close enough to the blooms
 toward the ground,
and that was where the filtered light 
allowed for some very
nice photos.

This plant, new to our garden 
this summer
 is just so beautiful!
It seems feminine to me.....
lady like and gentle. 
 I couldn't
be more pleased.

These images....same Crape Myrtle tree.....
one has sunlight and 
the other filtered sunlight, 
giving them
slightly different color. 
 I like very much both photos.

Today we worship.
 Lots of concern for family,
friends and country. 
 I'm reading The Harbinger
again.  It is so current 
and right on message for 
these times. 
 Suggested read for everyone......

Asking God's good blessings ......
for each of you.  Dee Dee