Monday, December 16, 2013

Lots Of Red

The theme for Christmas this year
seems to be Poinsettias, bringing
in lots of red to our cottage decor.
I found gorgeous fabric for the
new pillows....the black background
makes the flowers pop.

I had these beautiful Poinsettias
in our family room for a while 
and they were not happy about
that at all........leaves were turning
yellow and berries were dropping
all over the floor.

I brought them out on the porch
to enjoy the cooler nights, watered
them more often  and now
they are thriving.  I'm very happy
that they are happy.

Lots to do today....
more gift wrapping,
a tiny baby girl dress to return 
and a trip to Baby Gap in
the mall.  I'm sure to find many
other shoppers.
 We'll be, shoulder to shoulder.....
but I will survive.

Sweet Christmas blessings......Dee Dee