Thursday, January 9, 2014

In Memory Of A White Knockout Rose

Shown here, is a Rose bloom of
perfection, that is  
quite amazingly, beautiful.  

A white Knockout Rose
lived in our cottage garden,
here in Florida, for a
number of years.
It grew in a large pot, surrounded
by tiny blooming bedding plants, 
all year long. 

I can't remember a time when it
did not produce large beautiful
White Roses.

One winter, 
it's leaves began turning brown and 
the White Rose blooms
came at random and 
were much smaller.  

The Mister and I, eventually,
 and rather sadly said goodbye 
to this good old friend. 

 It had been part of our lives and
had given us great pleasure.

Have a sweet ole' day.....Dee Dee